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Does Your Organization Have a Learning Disability?

7 Types of Learning Disabilities

Sannan K

on 23 March 2011

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Transcript of Does Your Organization Have a Learning Disability?

Does Your Organization
Have a -Organizations can't
recognize threats
implications of those threats
find alternatives

-Lead to faliure

-Survival of the fittest

-Prevail in all organizations 7 Types of
Learning Disabilities I am My Position The Enemy is out there the illusion of taking charge The fixation on events The parable of the boiled frog The Delusion of learning
from experience The Myth of the management team -People focus on their jobs and not the enterprise as a whole

-Their responisiblity is their job alone

-Leads to mismanagement and wastage of resources and time

-Difficult to find the epicenter of a problem I Am My Position -Blame game

-By-product of "I am my position"

-Individual level, dept. level, organizational level

-Undected problems remain unsolved The Enemy Is Out There -Proactiveness is reactiveness in disguise

-True proactiveness is when we solve our own problems

-Product of our way of thinking, not our emotional state The Illusion of Taking Charge -No generative learning due to too much emphasis on short term events

-Focus on long run "gradual processes"

-Inability to learn to create The Fixation On Events -The Boiled Frog

-To avoid the fate of the frog we need to
Slow down
Focus on the "gradual process" The Parable of the Boiled Frog -We learn best from experience but we never directly experience the consequences of many of our most important decisions

-Most people have short memories

-If cycles last longer than a year or two, they are particularly hard to see and thus learn from The Delusion of Learning From Experience -Composition and working of traditional management teams

-Result The Myth of the Management Team Conclusion LEARNING DISABILITY
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