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A Handful Of Dates

Mounir Collins; Will Wollett; Darion Palmer; Cody Ricks

Mounir Collins

on 30 January 2013

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Transcript of A Handful Of Dates

Discussion questions Theme Research about the Author Connector "A Handful Of Dates" Summary The message is everything or everyone might not be who you think you are. The grandfather wasn't who his grandson thought he was. He was taking people's land. And he hated Masood for a stupid reason. So whoever you look up to, watch them. Climax: When the narrator thows up the dates. Mounir Collins; Will Wollett; Darion Palmer; Cody Ricks 1. What four things does the narrator love as a young boy?
2. How does the grandfather own all the land?
3. what does the grandfather do after the dates are harvested?
4. What does the narrator do with the dates?
5. what changes the narrators attitude toward his grandfather? This story is mainly about a Moslem child. He loves his grandfather. He hangs more with his grandfather than his father. But, later on in the story, he finds out his grandfather isn't who he think he is. His grandfather takes land when he's not suppose to. So when he finds out about his grandfather, he gets upset and storms off. Literacy Terms Symbol: An object or drawing that represents something else. Like a scripted a would be Alabama's symbol. It something that is related to what you are talking about. 1. As you grow-up you see things differently.
2.when you watch WWE you look-up to some of the wrestlers, until they change or turn bad.
3. You see a good looking bannana but when you eat it it's not what you expected.
4. A lemon looks okay until you try to eat it then it turns sour. 1. Born the year of 1929.
2. Writes mainly about the rural villages of northern Sudan.
3. Wrote the novel "Season of Migration to the North" Also wasn't in English. Research on Country Sudan: 1. Sudan is located in North East Africa
2. Largest country in Africa
3. Population is 3/4 Moslim Resources We used the Literacy Book for everything.
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