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the blobfish by:Maddy Haviland

No description

Stephanie Weiss

on 14 May 2018

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Transcript of the blobfish by:Maddy Haviland

the blobfish
by:Maddy Haviland

how does it defend its self?
The blobfish can not defend its self because it has no muscles.
- world book online encyclopedia
- aequoreusuita.weeby.com
- sites.psu.edu/chendrel.com
- blobfishwork.com
- simplysaveblobfish.com
- ipfactly.com

What does the blobfish look like?
Blobfishes look like regular fish in the water but when you take it out of the depths it turns a light pink pile of skin.
where does it live?
It lives at the bottom of the Australia and tasmania, also New Zealand
why is it important to nature?
The blobfish does not have any importants it just hangs out at the bottom of the ocean.
What does the blobfish eat?
Blobfish eat other sea creatures most of which would be bacteria or invertebrates such as crabs and seapens.
why is the blobfish endangered?
Blobfishes are hunted for sport but also are caught at the bottom of trawling nets. These nets go across the ocean floor scooping up lobsters and other deep-sea fish. Sadly, the blobfish gets scooped up as well and even if the people toss the fish back it is to late.
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