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EO M107.03 - The Rules and Procedures for the Paying of Compliments

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Zoë Tieu

on 8 April 2016

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Transcript of EO M107.03 - The Rules and Procedures for the Paying of Compliments

April 05, 2013 MTP 1: Addressing Cadet NCOs and Subordinate Officers Main teaching Points (MTPs):
1. Addressing Cadet NCOs and Subordinate Officers
2. Addressing Commissioned Officers
3. Paying Compliments Inside A Building
4. Other Occasions to Pay Compliments Who is a NCO? 1 X 15 Minutes
How to pay compliments
Who to pay compliments to
When and where to pay compliment Objectives: Importance of Lesson: Cadets will know how to address and interact with officers and NCOs Where can this lesson be applied? Anytime in cadets!
At your own squadron (HQ)
Summer Camp What? why? and where? A cadet who is at the rank of Cpl or Above
NCOs at 135? Who is a Subordinate Officer? An officer who does not hold commision to the Queen (not saluted)
Ranks of CIs and OCdts
subordinate officers at 135? How to pay compliments to them? Stand at ATTENTION at all times
Address NCO or subordinate officer by their RANK and SURNAME
When finished, DISMISS by stepping back and taking a right turn MTP Confirmation: Do subordinate officers hold a commission from the Queen?
Should subordinate officers be saluted?
Name an action the cadet should take while addressing a cadet NCO or Subordinate officer MTP 2: Addressing Commissioned Officers Who is a commissioned officer? An officer that holds commission to the Queen
Ranks 2LT and above
Commissioned officers at 135? How to pay compliments to them? Before and after addressing officer, cadet should always SALUTE
Always be standing at ATTENTION
Address officer's RANK and SURNAME MTP Confirmation: Are you required to salute to commissioned officers? why or why not? MTP 3: Paying Compliments Inside a Building When do you salute? Saluting zones include the parade square, classrooms and the area outside the armoury.
Due to safety concerns, you do NOT salute in stairways, hallways or in the supply cage. Saluting when entering/leaving an office or a classroom: Stand at attention at doorway
Salute if wearing headdress and if there is a commissioned officer in the room
When entering a room also ask for permission to enter once the following is done MTP Confirmation: Name 2 saluting zones
Where should you not saute? MTP 4: Other occasions to pay compliments Canadian or another foreign national anthem is played
recognizing a commissioned officer who is not in uniform
Canadian flag is raised or lowered
Boarding or disembarking any of her majesty's canadian ships, compliments are paid to the quarterdeck Lesson Confirmation Activity stand up, and stand behind your chair RECAP!!!!! You have gained knowledge about:
addressing NCOs and officers
paying compliments inside a building
other occasions to pay compliments
NOW... You can apply this knowledge at the squadron!
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