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GTS- Summary of Learning

No description

Taytay Rockie

on 19 March 2014

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Transcript of GTS- Summary of Learning

I quite liked this warm up activity. In this session, we got to know more about ourselves and of other people, like our friends. It got us to actually deeply think what we actually liked and not just making stuff about because its cool and your friends like it.
To be honest, I never knew that I would actually admire some of my friends before we did this activity...so to me this was quite a surprise!
Activity 2- My personal Goals
Session 1

Activity 1-Understanding Body Clues
Session 2
During this unit, we learnt many different things. From ourselves, to others, to ways of relaxation and to feelings. This unit, we completed a booklet called FRIENDS booklet. I really enjoyed this unit as I got to learn more about things and people around me. In this presentation, I will tell you my favourite topics/ activities I learnt from this booklet.
Warm up activity- Activity 2: Happiness Creations
Session 5
Activity 1- Introduction to confidence and feel-good activities
Session 3
Activity 4- Thought Challenges
summary of My learning
I thought this activity was quite useful because it helped me realize that no one is absolutely perfect, we all have some
aspects that we can improve on, not even the geniuses of the genises are perfect. So in this actvitiy, I discovered my weaknesses and tried to improve it by setting goals for myself..which means in this activity, we had to write our goals to improve at home, at school, with friends and in my spare times.
Warm up activity-Introduction to group
I also quite enjoyed this activity. In this activity, we had to
use some words to describe what you would do and feel related to the words in the grid. Eg: Happy..when we're happy, we laugh, we hum and we feel joyful and cheery.
I also enjoyed the small game played related to this activity. In our groups, we had to choose a word, eg: scared and draw it out and let other groups guess what word we were thinking of. It was quite fun
and quite funny too. Our group drew the feeling "scared"
As well as the other activities, I enjoyed this too! In this activity we discussed in groups 4 different questions in the booklet and wrote our own answers. The 4 questions were: What does the word "confidence mean to you,how can you tell when someone has lots of confidence, how can different people help young people to build confidence, and when did you feel confident achieving a challenging goal in the past.
For the 1st question, I wrote that confidence meant believing in yourself, having strong faith in yourself. For the 2nd question, I wrote that they would stand straight, look proud and speak in a firm/ determined attitiude. For the 3rd question, I wrote teachers, schools and coaches
would encourage, praise and support you and families would do all
three and be a role model. For the final question, I wrote that I
was proud I over came Y7 CAS week and my Y6 outward bound camp.
" No one is perfect, trying your best is a great achievement"
I quite enjoyed this quiet activity too, it was very fun. In this activity, we could make a collage,poem, short story, drawing, project or spider diagram about what makes us happy. I chose to do a spider diagram and I said friends, food, sleeping, reading etc made me happy.

This is the last activity that is on my favourite list. In this activites, we wrote about what we should think when we feel miserable and not to exagerrate certain untrue stuff. I learnt that we often say things that aren't true---mostly negative and unhelpful. So, I learnt how to think of good thoughts about yourself and how to cnot hurt yourself when you feel upset but comfort yourself.
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