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Sink or float

No description

Heather Simms

on 16 October 2012

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Transcript of Sink or float

Sink or Float Adventures in Science We need to learn new concepts: To begin our adventure Will a dollar bill or a quarter sink or float? What is the difference between the wood and the clay? Will clay and wood
sink or float? What happened to the water when the bottle sank? Will an empty or filled bottle sink or float? X marks the spot to find our results Density Displacement When comparing two objects the one that is heavier has a greater density When an object is placed in water the water will stay the same if the object floats, but if the object sinks the water will rise causing displacement Did the quarter have a density that was greater than or less than the dollar? Floats Dollar bill
Empty bottle
Piece of wood Sinks Quarter
Filled bottle
Ball of clay Now that we have seen examples of objects that can sink or float, what objects can you find in the classroom that will sink or float? Classroom Activities Sort your objects from greatest amount of density to least amount of density.

Measure the amount of water displacement from the sinking objects. Heather Simms
Heather Lawrence
Emma Carson
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