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Islamic Corporate Social Responsibility,Corporate Reputation and Performance

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amna abdullah

on 25 November 2012

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Transcript of Islamic Corporate Social Responsibility,Corporate Reputation and Performance

Methodology Opinion Proxies Variables Objectives the stakeholder theory Motives Islamic Corporate Social Responsibility,
Corporate Reputation and Performance Evidence from Malaysia The demand for (CSR) has been increased. Very limited research on the relationships between CSR disclosures and firm’s reputation and performance, from an Islamic perspectives . examine the relationships between Islamic corporate social responsibility
(ICSR) and corporate reputation as well as firm performance in all Islamic banks in Malaysia. This theory predicts a positive relationship between corporate social responsibility disclosure (CSRD), and reputation as well as performance. The Dependent variable : The independent variables : Islamic Corporate Social Responsibilities Disclosure (ICSRD) . Islamic Corporate social responsibilities (ICSR). Corporate Reputation (CREP). Return on asset (ROA). Return on equity (ROE) . firm size (SIZE) . SELF CONSTRUCTED DISCLOSURE INDEX The CSR reputation score indexes Where nj = number of items expected for jth company, nj is ≤ 32,
X i j = 1 if i th item disclosed and 0 if i th item not disclosed,
So that 0 ≤ I j ≥ 1 ROA=Earning Before Interest and Tax \ Total Asset. ROE=Earning Before Interest and Tax \ Shareholders Fund. Size =Total Asset. The Results Disclosing (CSR) activities in Islamic organization . Significant positive relationships between the ICSR
and Corporate reputations and performance. One of the Organizations strategy. Interesting Topic. Similar studies done in Arab countries. Testing,Variables and Proxies. (Slaughter, Kavanagh, Bayoud, 2012) focusing only on one type of performance measurement . Done By : Amina Abdulahi U00011667 Any Questions ...... (CREP) = Descriptive Statistics Multivariate Analysis Customer service Friendly personal. Efficient service and fast. Human Resource Treating employees fairly. Investing in education and training. promoting equal opportunities. Environmental Energy conservation. Good Waste and recycle. Philanthropic solve social problems. Supporting charities and community projects.
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