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Fatima N,

No description

Yorba Student

on 21 October 2014

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Transcript of Fatima N,

Venus is only a little
smaller than earth.
Venus is only a
little smaller than earth.
Venus is the second
closest planet to the sun.
Venus has no moon.
The sun is a star that is in the
center of the solar system.
The sun has 6 layers.
Mercury is the smallest planet
in our solar system.

Mercury is a rocky planet.
Mercury is closest to the sun.
Earth is a rocky planet.
Earth has only one moon.
Earth is the only planet that
has liquid water on it's surface.
Mars has two moon named
Phobos and Deimos.
Mars is red because it is
There are no rings around mars.
Jupiter is the largest planet in
our solar system.
Jupiter's four largest moons
are named Io , Europa , Ganymede ,
and Callisto.

Jupiter has sixty three moons.
Saturn is the sixth planet from
the sun.
Saturn is the only planet in our
solar system that is less dense
that water.
The sun is the hotest star.
Saturn has no solid surface.
Uranus has 27 satellites.
Uranus mass is more than
14 times larger than Earth.
Uranus and Neptune are
both know as Ice Giants.
Neptune has a rocky core.
Neptune has 19 moons.
Neptune has six rings.
pluto is smaller than the Earth's moon.
Pluto is too faint to be seen with
the naked eye.
The color of pluto
is reddish-brown.
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