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Stem Cell Research- Is It Ethical

No description

Callum Arjun

on 30 April 2013

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Transcript of Stem Cell Research- Is It Ethical

STEM CELL RESEARCH Stem Cell Research: Is it ethical? Parties Opposed Supporting Parties Stem Cells are ever developing Stem cell bill revoked Takes away a chance at life Lots of funding STEM CELL RESEARCH IS EVER DEVELOPING What is Stem Cell Research? Stakeholders Why is it a social Issue? We support Stem Cell Research OUR POINT OF VIEW Justifications Bill H.R. 3010, Sec. 128 Revoked A bill which restricted the use of embryonic stem cells One Time Use It has already saved numerous lives OPEN DISCUSSION Researchers Traditionalists People Deserving Stem Cell It plays with lives Stem cells have the ability to cure many strands of disease. There are two types of stem cells It has already saved numerous lives Endless Possibilities At full potential it could erase the need for procedures such as Chemotherapy People are becoming more comfortable with the idea of stem cells Stem Cell 100 % overseen by the government in Canada http://www.stemcellnetwork.ca/uploads/File/whitepapers/Canada-Regulatory-Oversight-of-Stem-Cell-Research.pdf President George H. W. Bush decided to overule all previous laws put in place as at that time he felt he had been irrational when he first looked it over Dimitri Bonnville 16 Year Old Boy who was accidentally shot with a nail gun He should have undergone open heart surgery He instead was offered the option of being the first person ever to receive embryonic stem cells to revive his damaged tissue. One week later he was recuperating at home! His team of doctors said they had never seen a recovery like this. Michelle Bachman She was diagnosed with mantle cell lymphoma and told she had two weeks to live Dr. Nalissa Wieneke told her that her last hope would be to give embyonic stem cells a try. It has now been six years and she is still 100 % cancer free.
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