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The 3 R's: Research, Reports & Repeat

No description

Tyler Campbell

on 28 November 2017

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Transcript of The 3 R's: Research, Reports & Repeat

The 3 R's: Research, Reports & Repeat
Are You Happy with the Results?
What Can You Learn in Addition to the Results?
Did you A/B test pictures or copy?
My Campaign is Over... Now What?


Cost per Lead

Page Likes

Number of Page Likes

Cost per Like

Web Traffic Ads

Link Clicks

Cost per Link Click

What were the results?
Were the results what you had hoped?

What can you learn about your personas from the results?
Lead Generation
Just because you didn't get the expected results doesn't mean you didn't get any results and other useful information about your targeted audience!
Important Things to Remember:
Power Editor is your friend!
Running the same campaign twice is a good thing!

Make sure you are looking at all the results of your campaign!
Look at what your competition is doing for ideas!
Thank You!
Did one age range engage more with your ad?
Did people click on the lead gen ad but not fill it out?

Was there a particular day that got more results?
Was the a certain ad placement that performed better than another?
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