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Media Lesson Plan

Create a lesson plan incorporating all 3 areas covered this semester: digital photography, editing and digital video.

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Transcript of Media Lesson Plan

EDT 5500
Madeleine Lakatos Fojtik
Assignment #10
Lesson Plan
What is Photojournalism?
Photography is used to tell a story. This lesson requires students to create a newspaper front page with the use of a digital camera and also page layout software (Adobe Creative Suites). A four-week lesson plan for high school students to explore the field of photojournalism, creating and distributing images in a photojournalism format and how digital technology is used. Software and equipment needed for this unit: (Adobe CS5) Photoshop, InDesign; digital camera. A photograph can tell a story about events, people, places, and situations. Photojournalists are usually assigned by a newspaper or magazines to take a variety of photographs related to an event. Their photographs are often accompanied by captions that explain the photograph.

In this lesson students will choose a historical or present-day event to portray through photographs. The students will narrate this event with photographs and text/article to communicate its significance in history or our current daily lives.
Overview Description
Related Subjects: Visual Arts, English-Language Arts
Grades: 9-12
Medium: Photography, Mixed Media
Lesson length: six weeks Objectives Students will explore several resources exploring the field of journalism and digital photography gaining a good understanding of what journalism is
Students will review software and digital camera equipment
Students will create a newspaper front page, taking photos, writing the stories as well as creating a video to promote their newspaper for their website.

Hopkinson, Amanda. 150 Years of Photojournalism. Volume II. Koln: Konemann; London: Hulton Deutsch Collection Ltd., 1995.

Horton, Brian. Associated Press Guide to Photojournalism. New York: McGraw-Hill, 2001.
Articles/additional reading
PBS Online
A conversational interview with James Nachtwey regarding the book “Inferno” that details his work as a war photojournalist during the period 1990-2000.

US News.com
Article entitled: “Image Makers: The photojournalist is a witness, an adventurer, an interpreter of history. And for the past half century, Magnum photographers have defined the craft.”

FaheyKlein Gallery
Images of photojournalist James Nachtwey throughout the world.

John Paul Caponigro
Conversation between John Paul Caponigro and James Nachtwey that appeared in Camera Arts magazine in June/July 2000.

Don Bartletti: Los Angeles Times – Enrique’s Journey
Read the story and view the photographs about Enrique’s journey to find his mother in the United States. Don Bartletti traveled with Enrique and followed him on his journey from Central America through Mexico and the border into the United States. Bartletti won the Pulitzer Prize for this amazing story in 2003.
Online resource: http://www.newseum.org/
Reading materials, articles and online resources Hardware, software materials required
Software and equipment needed for this unit: (Adobe CS5) Photoshop, InDesign; digital camera and video camera. For this project the assumption is students have some art background and knowledge how to use equipment and software.

Weekly outline

Week 1
What is Photojournalism?

Review unit timelines (deadlines), student expectations, equipment list
Students are required to have digital camera, computer and software to begin working on project
Brainstorming sessions – assign story ideas
Readings: PBS interview with James Nachtwey, “Image Makers”
Review front pages from a cross the country: http://www.newseum.org/todaysfrontpages/default.asp

Week 2
Review the technical aspects of this unit

A review of digital cameras (the assumption is students have some photography background)
Begin working on photographs
A review of graphic design page layout software (the assumption is students have some background already)
Begin working on layout ideas
Online resource: http://www.newseum.org/

Week 3
Continue to work on production of this project

Critique of student photos
Continue to work on photographs
Critique of student layouts
Continue to work on layout
Reading resource: Horton, Brian. Associated Press Guide to Photojournalism. New York:
•McGraw-Hill, 2001.

Week 4
Video week

Review video project outline and expectation
Review technology assuming students have some background in video
Assign reading relating to video production

Week 5
Continue to work on projects

Critique of student photos
Continue to work on photographs
Critique of student layouts
Continue to work on layout
Critique of student video’s
Continue to work on video’s

Week 6

Wrap up production of this project
Present final projects: final front page and short video
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