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Automation Home

No description

manal saleh

on 5 January 2015

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Transcript of Automation Home

Automation Home
Objective Of The Project
The main aim of smart home systems is to create an technologies environment that make healthy and disabled peoples life easier .

So in this project we provide many technologies procedures to control many parts in our home , such as Bluetooth ,Xbee , Ethernet, DTMF ,and voice using arduino platform and arduino sheilds
Main Parts Of Our Project
Smart Home
Other terms are also used in
the literature with equivalent
meaning, such as:
Home Automation
Smart House
Digital Home
Electronic Home.
servo motor
UNO & ethernet sheild
temp sensor LM35
relays board
The circuit
Ethernet Shield
allows an Arduino board to connect to the internet. It is compatible with Arduino Uno and Mega.
*The main brain for this part of project is

Arduino UNO
along with Ethernet Shield .Arduino runs a code to control a
Relay board

according to the input and also serves a web page through which respective output to the relay board can be controlled.
After mounting Ethernet sheild with UNO & relays board ,and getting the

IP address

,upload the code to the Arduino.
After getting the control internet page now by Clicking on the button responsible for

opening or closing the window
, Commands are sent to the ethernet shield pin allotted to open or close the window.
The same procedure is followed to control

ON/OFF light.
The Voice
The hardware that used in this part:

EasyVR sheild + Arduino UNO
Relays board
The circuit
 In this part of project we use EasyVR Sheild .
It is a multi-purpose
speech recognition
We can add commands that allotted to control the device,
voice recognition recognizes only a
single person
's voice .
This shield needs a
speaker output
We used the voice technique to controlling
On/Off light
we programmed and defined the voice shield to computer using special program with the voice shield called
* At this program we added command that allotted to light lamp on and off ,then we recorded the voice for

of us, and we recorded the password that special with every command was added.
Now, easily the voice
shield can speech with us .
As shown in the video:
The most common Serial bluetooth module is the
there are many connections on the HC-05, only 4 of them are needed.
Connect the bluetooth with default
Rx and Tx
on the Arduino Board.
We used the Bluetooth technique to controlling brightness lamp , UNO , Bluetooth HC-05 module and
smart phone
were used .

TIP35 transistor
was used for Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) . The
output is depended on the character
that will been send from mobile's application.
At first the wires of the Bluetooth HC-O5 module are connected with arduino UNO , after that the bluetooth code is written that suitable with arduino program , and upload this program to the arduino.

The application mobile is called Ardudroid which is using
to control brightness light.And the Ardudroid application
is connected with bluetooth.

after that we will be control the lamp By transmit the
characters A,B and D.
DTMF (dual tone multi frequency). In our project the 3-bit output from
CM8870 IC
were connected to serial pins on the Arduino (microcontroller) .

We use DTMF in our project for control
ON/OFF fan
by the tone which was taken from the pressing on the mobile
The circuit
X-Bee technique
The hardware that used in this part:
Xbee Tx & Rx
-sereis 2-
Xbee sheild
XBee Explorer 
Series 2
modules allow you to create complex mesh networks
based on the XBee ZB ZigBee mesh firmware.
These modules allow a very reliable and simple communication between
microcontrollers, computers, systems,really anything with a serial port!

Point to point and multi-point networks are supported
The Circuit
The X- Bee technique is used to open and close the door .
XCTU program which compatible with X-Bee was used in this part .
we achieved the main goal , which is creating a home environment technology simulates modern communication techniques.
Focus our attention on providing more of a technique for the control of the house to leave the various options for the consumer.
Problems and Challenge
At the beginning of the project , we faced difficulty of obtaining some components and this take time period , which lasted close to two months .
Higher prices of some components which were used and this caused a big burden for us because we are still students.
There is also the problem of merging codes with each other where certain parts affected others, which related to other components.
Ambitions and Development :
password to more security
Using SD card to save data
using a hard voice shield that allows you to record and play up to 90 sec of music and speech.
Lights control system using voice technique
How Does it Work ?
The following steps explain how do we control the brightness lamp:
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