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first trip abroad

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Ren Gatdula

on 18 January 2013

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Transcript of first trip abroad

Jose Rizal First Trip Abroad May 9,1882 Jose Rizal arrived at Singapore, he also received royal treatment not only with regard to his lodging but also in his visits to centers, museums, and establishment, which would add to his cultural growth. May 3, 1882
Left the Philippines Rizal left Philippines for the first time. He boarded the Spanish Steamer Salvadora using a passport of Jose Mercado, which was procured for him by his uncle Antonio Rivera, father of Leonor Rivera. He was accompanied to the quay where the Salvadora was moored by his uncle Antonio, Vicente Gella, and Mateo Evangelista. French Steamer Djemnah Steamer that he boarded going to Europe It traveled thru the Suez Canal (built by Ferdinand de Lesseps), when it opened on November 17, 1869, the time trave from Spain to the Philippines was reduced from about 300 days to only 45 days May 11 1882 In Singapore at 2 pm Rizal boarded the boat djemnah to continue his trip to spain. He found the boat clean and well kept. May 17, 1882 Rizal arrived at Punta de Gales. May 27, 1882 He landed at Aden at about 8:30 a.m. June 2, 1882 He arrived at the Suez Canal en route to Marseilles. June 11, 1882 Rizal disembarked and accompanied by a guide went around the City of Naples for 1 hour. This was the first European ground he set foot on. June 13,1882 He landed Marseilles and boarded at the Noalles Hotel. He visited Chateau d'If June 15,1882 He left Marseilles for Barcelona in an express train Rizal arrived at Barcelona in the town of Port Bou and boarded in the Fonda De Espana August 20,1882 His article "Amor Patrio" was published in the Dariong Tagalog, a Manila newspaper edited by Basilio Teodoro. This was the first article he wrote abroad. Rizal
Madrid September 2,1882 Rizal matriculated at the Universidad Central De Madrid. He took the following subjects: medical clinic, surgical clinic, legal medicine and obsterical clinic. October 2,1882 He attended his regular classes which started in all earnest. October 7, 1882

He attended again of the Circulo Hisfano-Filipino held in house of Mr.Ortiga. November 7 ,1882

Rizal wrote an article entitled "Las Dudas". The article was signed by Laong-Laan. June 15,1883 Rizal left Madrid for Paris to spend his summer and to observe the big French City. Rizal in Paris,
France June 17, 1883 Rizal arrived at Paris. He spent the whole day walking around and observing the beautiful cities. August 20 1883 Rizal was back in Madrid from his summer vacation in Paris September 28, 1883 He enrolled at the Central Universidad de Madrid for the second course in medicine. January 2, 1884 Rizal proposed to the member of the Circulo assembled in the house of the Pateros , the publication of a book by association. This idea became the embryo of this first novel Noli Me Tangere. February 1, 1884 He went to the theatre of Eslava to hear politics and bull-fighting. Later he went to the Cafe de Madrid. March 7, 1884 Rizal performed an operation with Mariani. In the evening, he attended English lecture conducted by a Mr. Schuts in the Ateneo de Madrid.
April 8, 1884
He started his sculptural work representing the "wounded gladiator" June 21, 1884 He finished the degree of Licentiate in Medicine with the grade of aprobado from the Central Universidad De Madrid. July 1, 1884 Rizal explained the term "Filibusterismo" in the newspaper of Madred El Progreso, calling the attention of the Spanish authorities over the case of future of the Filipinos . He asked for freedp of the press and the right of representation of the Spanish Cortes. November 16, 1884 He wrote a letter to his family in Calamba asking their permission for him to return to the Philippines. Rizal finished the degree in Licentiate in Philosophy and Letters with grade sobreseliente from the Central Universidad of Madrid. October 1, 1885 Rizal planned to leave Madrid by the middle of the month. He intended to go Germany to learn the German language and to study advance course of ophthalmology Rizal in France. June 19, 1885 June 16, 1882 Rizal
France December 4, 1885 He was practicing ophthamology with Dr. Weeker at the Crugen Clinic. Rizal in Starsburg, Germany February 2, 1886 Rizal arrived at Starsburg, Germany. he visited the celebrated Cathedral and climbed a tower of 142 meters high, the fourth highest of the European towers. Rizal in Heidelberg, Germany February 3 ,1886 He arrived at Heidelberg. The town to him looked gay. On the streets the saw students with cups of different colors. Rizal In Wilhelmsfeld, Germany April 26, 1886 He left Heidelberg for Wilhelmsfeld to honor invitation extended to him by Reverend Karl Ullmer whom Rizal Pastor's wife, daughter Eta and son Freidrich. In Wilhelmsfeld where Pastor Ullmer was staying and working, Rizal was invited to visit the vicarage. Later, on Rizal's choice, he boarded with the Ullmer family until he left Wilhelmsfeld by last week of June. July 14 ,1886 In Hiedelberg Rizal was admitted member of the chess Club Germany. The Club Presidents F. Zefernz and E. Arrnirum. July 31, 1886 He sent to Prof. Ferdinant Blumentritt a book in arithmetic written in Spanish in Tagalog. This started the communication between two and also the start of their life long friendship. Rizal on his way to Leipzig August 9, 1886 Rizal Left Heidelberg August 12, 1886 He arrived at Cobients, on his way to Leipzig August 13, 1886 Rizal was in Ehrenfels, Germany. Rizal in
Germany August 15, 1886 Rizal
arrive at
Leipzig at
9:30 in the
morning. October 21, 1886 Rizal left Leipzig for Halle to observe the country life of the people there. He returned in the afternoon. Rizal in Dresden,
Germany October 29, 1886 Rizal arrived at Dresden at 8:20 in the morning. Rizal in Berlin, Germany Rizal arrived at Berlin and boarded at the Central Hotel. January 1887 He became a member of the Ethnographic Society of Berlin in whose meeting he had the rare opportunity of hearing the interesting lecture of Dr. Donitz on pre-historic Japanese tombs which contained sets of dishes and other decoration. January 26,1887 He planned to translate the book of travels of Dr. Jagor as soon as he would finish translating the book of waitz. By spring, he hoped to finish this works February 7, 1887 He was very busy this day and the previous days going to the clinic and making some clinical investigations. In the house, he was occupied reading the copies of the Globus sent him Prof. Blumentritt. February 1887 He became a member of the Anthropological Society and the Geographic Society of Berlin. 5 March 1887
Rizal translated into French the "History of a Mother" by Andersen written in German. April 24, 1887
He was happy to receive the letter of pardon from his beloved father. He definitely decided to go home and help his folks.

– Later he sent an advance notice to Prof Blumentritt of their coming visit to Leitmeritz. April 1887
By the end of April, Rizal left in Berlin for Dresden where the most famous "Musco Etnografico" was located. He met there the wise Filipinoogist director of the museum, Dr. A. B. Meyer, uthor of the excellent monographs. Rizal in Leitmeritz, Bohemia May 13, 1887
Rizal and Viola arrived at Leitmeritz at 1:30 in the afternoon. They were met at the station by Prof. Blumentritt who conducted them to the Krebs Hotel, Room No. 12. Rizal in Brunn May19, 1887
Rizal bade goodbye to Prof. Dr. Willkomn, State Adviser in Brunn. The lovable daughter of the professor reproached Rizal for not having told them of his artistic and poetic talents which they read in Bohemia, a newspaper published in Prague. They left Brunn this day. Rizal in Vienna May 20-24, 1887

Rizal and Maximo Viola arrived in Vienna at 2:30 P.M. of May 20th and both boarded at the Hotel Metropole. 24 May 1887
For the last 3 days, they were conducted around the city by Mr. Masner to see the points of interest, especially the Museum. On this day, Rizal was interviewed by Mr. Alder of the newspaper Extra Blatt. Rizal in Munich, Germany May 20-26, 1887

Rizal and Viola were boarders of Rheinischer Hof or Rhine Hotel in Munich for five days. On May 29, 1887, they drunk beer in the business establishment, LowerbranKeller Munich.
30 May 1887
they left for Stuttgart. Rizal in Stuttgart, Germany May, 31, 1887

Rizal and Viola arrived at the Geneva and boarded at the Hotel Merquardt. They left for Basel the following day, June 1. Rizal in Basel, Switzerland June 13, 1887

Rizal sent a letter to Fernando Canon requesting the latter to sell the copies of the Noli, not less than 5 pesetas per copy. Canon was given 10% commission for the copies sold. June 6, 1887

Rizal and Viola arrived at Geneva and boarded at Rue due Rhone 3, Pension Bel-Air. Here Rizal expressed his feeling against the exhibition of the Igorots in Madrid side by side with the animals and plants. In a letter to Blumentritt, he wished the Igorots would die immediately to avoid further sufferings. Rizal in Rome, Italy June 27, 1887
Rizal arrived at Rome and walked around the whole day. He visited the Capitolio, the Roca Tarperya, the Palatinum, the Forum Romanun, the Museum Capitolinum and the church of Santa Maria, the maggiore. He tool a flower from the Palace of Septimius Severus, which he sent to Blumentritt Rizal on His Way to Marseilles, France July 3, 1887

Rizal was in the Bureau of Posts of Marseilles at 8 o’clock in the morning. He received two letters there: One form Manuel Hidalgo and the other from Ferdinand Blumentritt. He left Marseilles bound for his homeland on board the boat Djemnah on the same day.

Rizal Bound for the Philippines

July 4, 1887

Rizal passed the island of Cerdeña. July 8, 1887

He arrived at Port Said, Egypt.

July 1887

He arrived at the Suez Canal.

July 21, 1887

Rizal arrived at Colombo, Ceylon. He went ashore and bought a hat. July27, 1887
Rizal arrived at Singapore.

July 28, 1887
Rizal left Singapore for Saigon.

July 30, 1887
He arrived at Saigon and transferred to the S.S. Hayfong, a passenger ship.

August 2, 1887
He left Saigon for Manila on board the S.S. Hayfong. Rizal in Manila August 5, 1887
At 9:00 o’clock in the evening, Rizal arrived at Manila after five years of study and patriotic labors in Europe. August 8, 1887
Taking the boat Biñan, he left Manila Monday morning for Calamba via the Pasig River. He found the river more exuberant than before. August 30, 1887
He left Calamba for Manila to see Governor-General on the issue of the Noli Me Tangere which caused torment among the friars in the Philippines. Governor-General Terrero asked him for a copy and Rizal, after a few days looking for copy, handed him a worn out one. January 8, 1888
Rizal wrote a petition to the Administrator of Public Islands of Laguna about the Haciendas of the friars in Calamba. He cited all the grievances of the Calamba folks and tenants against the supposed owner of the hacienda. He said the owner didn’t help in the improvement of agriculture, in the celebration of the town fiesta, in the education of the children, and that the profit of the hacienda incresed due to the increased rentals.
February 3, 1888
Rizal, after staying in the Philippines for almost six months, left Manila for Hongkong, bringing with him P5,000 which he earned from his medical practice.
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