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Blackberrys Social Media Presence

No description

Matthew Hunter

on 15 November 2014

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Transcript of Blackberrys Social Media Presence

30.5 million likes
Positive about the usage of this site is it does not just post the same things as the Twitter account, it is its own separate site with different info
Negative about this page is it is only posting boring business like updates which won't get through to kids who are choosing a phone
For a recovering company they need to find a way to reach out to the younger demographic
In our groups opinion they need to flip flop what they post on Twitter and Facebook since they have a larger following on Facebook
This could translate to more phone sales or a better reputation amongst younger people
Three quarters of our group was able to meet up in person to assign project roles. The rest of our contact was done through Ontario Learn and email. Our group simply picked different social media sites we were going to audit and then the information was sent to Matthew Hunter to be put together in Prezi form.
4.3 million followers
Joined April of 2008
22.3 thousand tweets = Approx. 12 tweets per day
This site has been used positively by the company
Constant updates on new devices
Appropriate testimonial re-tweets of consumers
Links to access the website to order the latest product
On top of this the images posted of the new products show the once business oriented company is a hipper light
The one thing that could be done to improve their usage of this site would be to post more videos of people using their product
In the past people have purchased new Blackberrys and had no idea how to work them, this could help with that
The nice thing about their Wiki page is that it does not mention the companies tailspin of late at all and only talks about the companies product as well as business strategy. A positive of this is kids tend to look to Wikipedia for quick answers and if they do this for Blackberry they will receive a positive message.
Our group researched nine different social media sites in total to complete our audit
Some prominent others not so much
Founded in 1984 by Mike Lazaridis, Douglas Fregin, and Jim Balsillie
Blackberry is a company in the mobile phone/software industry
Their headquarters is located in Waterloo, Ontario
Currently around 7,000 employees work for the organization
The current CEO is John Chen who replaced Thorsten Heins in 2013
Their most recent product is the Blackberry Passport
Positive Quote
Instagram or Lack There of
The Path Back to Greatness
"BlackBerry is widely referred to as "CrackBerry" in the United States, which alluded to its excessive use by its owners and is a reference to the addictiveness of crack cocaine. Use of the term "CrackBerry" became so widespread that in November 2006 Webster's New World College Dictionary named "crackberry" the "New Word of the Year."
Blackberrys Social Media Presence
Blackberry does not own an account on this site
The largest picture sharing app in the world
Blackberry has let the feud between the companies get to them
Although their devices do not have a native app in their app store Blackberry is currently recovering from a disastrous couple of years and needs to be using any free exposure at their disposal
Not to mention not having Instagram on their phones has been cited as one of the main reasons people refuse to buy their phones
Not to mention Instagram in some peoples minds in the most popular form of social media and perfect for a phone company to showcase their new products
especially with the release on the Blackberry Passport and the soon to be released Blackberry Classic
Our groups opinion is that Blackberry needs to stick it to Instagram and create an account to showcase the quality products that they have
This way they can show off their product to a younger group through images as well as short informational videos
It is a huge determent to the company that they do not use this form of social media

Information provided on this social media site is very business related covers info such as industry type, year founded, CEO, company size
Positives about this site is its personal feel
Job postings and stock market insight allow followers to feel like they are apart of the action
Negatives about the usage of this social media site is the fact that everyone already know Blackberry is a business driven company
So this is a bread and butter comfort zone site for them that offers little to no value for prospective consumers
It is important to have this site however it cannot become a crutch for the company if they want to succeed moving forward
All in all the page is used appropriately but that is the thing about social media even used properly it may not be beneficial to your company
197,074 subscribers
They have several channels on the account Blackberryhelp, BlackBerryDev, BlackBerry UK, BlackBerry DE, BlackBerryNL, Blackberryitalia, OfficialBlackBerryZA, and BlackberryTR
On a lot of these channels the most recent post was over a year ago
This shows that this social media site although it has the proper channels for individuality it is not using this site properly
A company of their magnitude needs to be posting a video weekly
As mentioned in two previous slides Blackberry does not post enough videos and their Youtube page is the root of the problem
Our group suggests that the page begins posting tutorials and tips videos for the products
Commercials for new products
On top of this promo codes built into these videos for subscribers rewarding loyal fans and drawing attention from prospective consumers
IceRocket is a search engine that allows you to search Blogs, Twitter, and Facebook Simultaneously
This website however is offering little to value to Blackberry as a company
It is somewhat confusing and it takes scrolling through posts about the actual blackberry fruit to find a post about the cellphone company
Our group suggested that although this website is not one of prominence if Blackberry wanted to they could have specific blogger on the site posting insider information for those who use this site
Yes it may be a niche market but it is free exposure and it is better to be in as many circles as possible
Digg is a website that posts viral articles from other sites or interesting articles that users would be interested in
After looking up Blackberry in the search bar it returns with 68 articles
However other then the first three articles none of the content is new
Most of the articles are talking about the "death of Blackberry" this is a bad image for the company
However the best thing for Blackberry to do in this situation is just continue doing what they are doing
Once the company improves their own image the articles will begin cropping up with positive messages about the company
Reddit is a user generated content site
This is a site that Blackberry may not need to be active on
However they should monitor it very closely
The majority of this sites information comes from regular people
Thus any complaints or praise that the company receives is unbiased and unfiltered
They can use the positive comments to understand what they are doing right and the negative comments to fix their physical products as well as their software and apps
In our groups opinion this site offers the most value to Blackberry because its almost like a free reference group that is offering up to date opinions and useful information for the company
General Overview
Blackberry has a fairly positive image throughout social media
However Blackberry seems like a company set in their ways which is negative
They need to be posting more videos
They need to be posting more pictures of new products
Offer more insider information through employee blogs
They need to be monitoring sites like IceRocket, Digg, and Reddit to ensure that the information doesn't border on defamation
Don't change what their doing with Twitter
Avoid using Vine or Snapchat since these make the company look unprofessional
Blackberry does not have a Snapchat account and a unused Vine account
Which in our groups opinion should remain unused
Blackberry has made their name in the business sector
Although adding these two social media sites to their repertoire may attract some new fans it could chase a way the base of their sales as the company becomes to mainstream
It is a fine line between being out there and selling your values to turn a profit
Not all mainstream social media will benefit a company
Some may disagree but we as a group agree that Blackberry should avoid these two types of social media to keep their image of prestige intact
Blackberry has millions of fans worldwide
But they need more of these millions buying phones
Social media can be their ticket to selling devices
If Blackberry can monitor the market properly there is no doubt in our groups mind that they can make a comeback in the mobile phone industry
numbers are already on rise for new devices
Blackberry is a Canadian icon that has supported our countries economy for years now they have the means to get their image back out there!
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