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Implementation of Proposal

Marcus Gregory

on 31 October 2015

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Transcript of MIO Phase III

Prepping For The Move
Success Measurements
Move Project

Metrics for Success
Facilities Management Policies Review
Move From Comcast Center

to 2 Logan Square
However, recycling cardboard take almost
of the energy to produce a new box
United States Walmart Presence
San Antonio
9.7 Million Boxes
Preliminary Space Planning
Move Schedule & Logistics
Success Measurements
FM Policies
Move Logistics
Each employee will receive one (1) crate, as assigned by the move coordinator, to pack with items to be moved to the employee's new work space. Requests for additional crates need to be brought to Jackie Adams.
Crates will be issued the day before the move and must be placed next to the employee's desk prior to leaving the building.
If items do not fit in the crate, it will not be moved. Special requests must be directed to Jackie Adams.
All other items must be taken home or presented to Jackie Adams for off-site storage consideration.
Shut down all electronic devices prior to 5pm on the day of the move. Contact Barbara Pierson for any questions regarding electronic devices.
Your nameplate will be removed by the Administrative Services department.
Employees will have two (2) days to unpack their crate when they move to their new workspace and must leave their crates next their office prior to leaving the building. Empty crates will be picked up 2 days after the move.
If your space location is not correct, please report this ASAP.
Any questions or concerns regarding the move need to be directed to Jackie Adams.

Computer/Phones/IT: Barbara Pierson (ext: 7284)
Move Coordinator: Jackie Adams (ext: 2845)
Crates: Jeff Denutto (ext: 8327)
Crates: Steve Williams (ext: 8329)
Pre / Post Occupancy Survey
Comcast’s existing floor
plan and the location of NETO employees- Room for more efficiency in regard to placement

On the three floors that NETO
is located, they are placed in random spaces,
making it difficult for employees to collaborate

When designing the new floor plan at 2 Logan, the entire department will be unified to work side-by-side, without any other departments interrupting

Allocation for vacancy and contractor

Furniture Installation
Wednesday, May 20th - Friday, May 29th
Crates Moved
Friday, May 29th - Saturday, May 30th
(Sunday, May 30th)
Strategic process and evaluation of both current working conditions at Comcast and current conditions at 2 Logan

Strict evaluation of
Current working conditions
Working style
The way they work with others
Employee preferences

Work in two separate groups:

Technology and Product
Engineering Platform Services

Conduct tasks such as:

Web Development
Web Testing
Stress Testing New Equipment
New Technology Research

Currently work at standard bullpen work spaces

Able to collaborate and work side-by-side without any separations

Highly densified, making the space crowded
Wooden spiral staircase
Black wood trim around doors
Solid core doors
Stained carpeting
Paint was peeling off
Very under-lit
Large enough to accommodate the
NETO department, but we needed to calculate
for 165 employees:

130 current employees
10% vacancy
15% annual growth for 3 years

Now that we were aware of the space parameters, new space at 2 Logan can be designed.

Digital 3D model to test fit the space with applied components

Lockers instead of personal shelves and file cabinets in order to save space

MIO has recommended that each office have glass doors and front walls

Natural light is introduced into the center floor plan and reach workstations

Energy costs for lighting the space will be reduced
Preliminary Space Planning
Design Standards
Business Continuity
Emergency Preparedness
Internal Communication
40th Floor in theComcast Center
37th Floor in the Comcast Center
31st Floor in the Comcast Center
Block Plannining
Existing conditions of 2 Logan
Variety of Touchdown spaces
Pantry with all the amenities consistent with Comcast Center standards
Comcast holds employee health and comfort to a very high standard

For 2 Logan, the Facilities team will purchase all new ergonomic furniture for the space, instead of re-using old furniture

After evaluation, Comcast has decided to purchase from Steelcase.

Steelcase will be providing:
Desks for workstations
Tables for touchdown spaces
Chairs for both workstations and touchdown spacesOffice sets
Multiple conference rooms per floor with easily accessible technology.
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