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Copy of Remember the Titans - Perspective on Leadership Group Presentation

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Karimah Mahdiyyah

on 22 March 2013

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Transcript of Copy of Remember the Titans - Perspective on Leadership Group Presentation

Remember the Titans Leaders & Their Characteristics Film Synopsis Leadership Definition Perspective on Leadership Group Presentation Conclusion Leadership is a relationship mixed between person and situation that inspires, creates trust, and work towards a common goal. Coach Herman Boone Coach Bill Yoast Gerry Bertier Julius Campbell Management or Leadership Main Issues Film is set in the early 70s in a town in Virginia
Place during a time when entire communities were segregated based on race
New integrated school is formed called T.C. Williams High School
Drama starts when the a black man, Coach Herman Boone, is named as Head Coach
Conflict continues when the players of different races are forced to play together on the same football team
Over the course of the movie the black and white people become more accepting of one another
In the end the Titans act as excellent examples and leaders for their school and town Black man hired as the Titan's new Head Coach
He uses a military style approach to lead the players
Like Ospina and Foldy suggest, Boone originally is not perceived as a legitimate leader based on his skin color (2009, p. 879) White Assistant Coach for the Titans (In charge of defensive line)
Coach Yoast often acts as a supportive figure to the players
He is the man that members of the town want to lead the Titans/be Head Coach Gerry is a role model for the White players
Gerry is the Titan's Team Captain
He proves himself as an emergent leader when he learns how to ignore his prejudices and to focus on all teammates regardless of their skin color Julius is a model for the Black players
He proves himself as an emergent leader when he stands up to Gerry and tells he will never know his teammates unless he wants to and that "attitude reflects leadership" Film Leaders/Actions Related to their Leadership Practice •Examining leaders based on the types of power they leverage

•The 7 Base of Power people can employ are: power of position, power of charisma, power of relationships, power of information, power of expertise, power of punishment, and power of reward (Bal, Campbell, Steed, & Meddings, 2008, p. 4)

•Coach Boone relies on positional power and coercive power (or power of punishment) to lead the team

•Coach Yoast relies on the Power of Charisma to lead the Titans

•Gerry and Julius rely on the Power of Relationships to lead Q1 Relationship Leadership is centered around
communication between leaders
& followers (Northouse, 2009, p. 2) Coach Boone forces the players to get to know each other, which leads to relationships/friendship Julius and Gerry develop a friendship, allowing them to work better together as teammates and team leaders Leadership Behavior Leadership is based on what people do when they are in a leadership role (Northouse, 2009, p. 2) 2 types of behaviors: Task Behaviors & Process Behaviors Coach Yoast tends to enact process behaviors as a leader Coach Boone uses task behaviors to lead • Leadership is shown as both a relationship and a behavior in Remember the Titans Q2 How is Leadership Portrayed? Issue 1: White Privilege Issue 2: Team Leadership Issue 3: Ethics Issue 4: Who should initiate the change? Q3 Q4 Q5 Lecture: Power, Oppression & Privilege
Diane Finnerty, 10/17 Q6 Circle Wheel of Identity
Forms of Racism
Institutional Lecture: Team Leadership
Dr. Amy Colbert, 11/7 Q6 - The Use of Teams
- Different set of strengths
- Speciality of areas
- Easier to find mistakes, checks and balances Agree & Disagree Q7 Agreed:
1) Leadership is about creating positive change.
2) Leadership is situational.
3) Leadership needs behavior congruency.
4) They all work towards common goal. Disagreed:
1) Leadership is not just about dictatorship.
2) Although treating Petey different than the other white players is white privilege, it works under that circumstance. Recommendation Why? Function of action Rare qualities
Servant Leadership Q8 There are similaries...
Produce Change
Inspire and motivate
Aminister and control
Challenge the Status quo Vella, S., Oades, L., & Crowe, T. (2010) Discussion 1:
Do you think White Privilege can be situational? Discussion 2
Throughout the semester, we have gone into great details about Leadership and Management. What is the difference between leadership, management, and coaching, if any? References Andrew, D. S. (2009). The impact of leadership behavior on satisfaction of college tennis players: A test of the leadership behavior congruency hypothesis of the multidimensional model of leadership. Journal of Sport Behavior, 32(3), 261-277.

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