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Treasure Island

No description

Julia Knope

on 10 November 2017

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Transcript of Treasure Island

Summary Chapter 28
Summary Chapter 31
Summary Chapter 34
Maturing from experience
Treasure Island
Chapters 28 - 34
Summary Chapter 29
Summary Chapter 30
Summary Chapter 32
Summary Chapter 33
Changing power dynamics
Jim in the enemy camp
6 buccaneers
Believes friends are dead
Told his friends abandoned him
Jim stands up to Silver: “I am not such a fool but I know pretty well what I have to look for. Let the worst come to the worst, it’s little I care. I’ve seen too many die since I fell in with you. But there’s a thing or two I have to tell you… (163)”
The buccaneers attempt to stand up to Silver and go to council
Silver and Jim form an unlikely alliance
Question #1
Question #2
With the exception of Livesey's narration in chapters 16-19, this story has been told entirely through the eyes of Jim. Compared to his early perspective, how has Jim evolved as a narrator? Does his narration give any hints that he's matured since the adventure took place?
The next morning the group carried the gold back to their ship
It took the group three days to carry the gold on to their ship and on the third day the group finally found the mutineers after not hearing from them for a while
The group held a council and decided that they would leave the mutineers on the Island with enough supplies.
The mutineers begged them to take them along but, despite the sympathy the group felt for them, they could not afford another rebellion.
They set sail for Spanish America in order to find a crew who can sail with them back to England. As they arrive at the harbour the doctor, the squire and Jim head out for a night in town to recuperate from their depressing and long stay at the Treasure Island.

Silver receives the black spot after the council meeting is over
They list their reasons: the cruise, letting the enemy go, not letting them march, Jim
Silver refutes this list
Silver reveals he has been given the original map from the Doctor
Because of the oilcloth and Silver's convincing words, they seem to forget why they are mad at him
They elect Silver as their Captain instead of George
“You lost the ship; I found the treasure. Who’s the better man at that? And now I resign, by thunder! Elect whom you please to be your cap’n now; I’m done with it” (172).
Chapter 34 (the end)
When they come back to the ship Ben Gunn told them that Silver was gone with one bag of treasure and confesses to helping him escape because he was afraid that no one would be safe around Long John Silver
They manage to hire crew members and make their way back to England.
They all had abundant amounts of treasure to divide among themselves
Captain Smollett retired from sea, Abraham Gray saved his money and bought a ship and started a family and Ben Gunn received a thousand pounds which he spent in nineteen days.
They never hear from Long John Silver again
Jim, thinking to himself, is aware of more treasure that is buried on the island but just the thought of going back to the Island scares him. He still has nightmares of the Long John Silvers parrot shouting “pieces of eight!” “pieces of eight!”
Jim awakes among the pirates as Dr. Livesey comes to treat them, reflects on his rebellious actions
Dr. Livesey is shocked to see Jim, asks to speak with him after treating the pirates
Silver agrees to let them speak which angers the pirates so shortly after an attempted mutiny, but Silver manages to quell them
Silver tells Livesey that he wants to help them in return for Livesey doing all he can to save Silver from the gallows
Livesey tries to get Jim to flee the pirates with him, Jim refuses
Jim informs the Doctor of the location of the Hispaniola and says he accepts that he will probably die
Livesey returns Jim to Silver as a hostage and tells him not to be hurry to find the treasure
“...doctor, believe this, I can die - and I dare say I deserve it - but what I fear is torture. If they come to torture me… I might let slip a word of there the ship is”
Fortune & Greed
Deception & Trust
Accepting consequences
The pirates start to turn on Silver once more because the treasure is gone
They find all but one piece of gold
Silver hands Jim a double barrel pistol just in case something may happen
George Merry accuses Silver that he knew all along the treasure would not be there
George is about to fire his gun when 3 bullets strike him instead and out walk Doctor Livesey, Abraham Grey and Ben Gunn
The 5 men run back to the row boats on the shore
Ben Gunn explains it was he who had found the treasure first, 2 months prior to when the Hispaniola went ashore
Doctor Livesey abandoned his fort to the pirates and in doing so he felt bad for leaving Jim
He then went to get help from Abraham and Ben in order to save Jim from the inevitable doom from the missing treasure
The group finally reaches the rowboats and destroys the other one and head to the Hispaniola
The men arrive at the Cave where they see Captain Smollet and huge stacks of gold

The pirates are walking towards the three trees to where the treasure is supposed to be buried
As they are walking they hear a high trembling voice coming from the trees
All of the pirates stop dead in their tracks and turn pale, it sounds like the last words of Flint
Silver does not believe it is Flint and convinces the men to keep walking, it could not be Flint because there was an echo in the voice,
The men agreed with Silver and agreed that it sounded more like Ben Gunn than Flint
Jim becomes concerned as they get closer to the treasure that Silver will break his promises
The men reach the trees where the treasure was said to have been buried
They begin digging only to find that it was missing, someone had beaten them there
Opens with Silver thanking Jim for saving his life and for not running away although Dr. Livesey encouraged him to: 'JIM,' said Silver when we were alone, 'If I saved your life, you saved mine; and I'll not forget it. I seen the doctor waving you to run for it...and I seen you say no," (182).
The pirates are jolly and confident they'll be able to find the treasure soon
Jim feels certain Silver will betray him as soon as possible: Silver, already doubly a traitor [would not hesitate to adopt a scheme], (183) and has lack of confidence in the men: what with wasted food and sleeping sentries, though they were bold enough for a brush and be done with it, I could see their entire unfitness for anything like a prolonged campaign, (182)
The pirates set off on the treasure hunt, with Silver leading Jim. Once at the top of the hill, the pirates are surprised to find a skeleton in seaman's garb, stretched out like a compass, pointing towards the treasure. They notice the man's knife is missing, implying they are not the first to have encountered the skeleton and come this far to meet the treasure.
The skeleton is recognized as former mate, Allardyce. Following this clue, they all head towards treasure and Chapter 32 continues the journey.
In these final chapters Silver constantly switches between charismatic leader, intimidating villain, and spineless coward. What do you think Silver's true ambitions are given his fluctuating personality throughout the novel and his wordless fleeing in the final chapter?
Treasure Planet Ending
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