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ISU Author Presentation- Jeannette Walls

No description

Sydney Stewart

on 17 January 2013

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Transcript of ISU Author Presentation- Jeannette Walls

By: Sydney Stewart Jeannette Walls Timeline
1960 - present Writing Style Written for New York Magazine, Esquire, and USA Today.
Appeared on The Today Show, CNN and Primetime.
In 2005 Walls wrote The Glass Castle which became a best selling memoir and won the Christopher Award, the American Library Association's Alex Award , and the Books for Better Living Award.
Walls wrote Half-Broke Horses in 2009 her first fiction book. Age 3 Greatest Achievements Background Born April 21st 1960 in Phoenix,AZ
Born to Rose Mary and Rex Walls, she was their second child.
Has 3 siblings; Lori, Brian and Maureen.
Lived in great poverty as a child under her parents unconventional style of parenting. Jeannette is badly burned while cooking a hot dog after her mother told her to do it herself. Jeannette Walls Introduction Conclusion Age 4 Jeannette and her siblings
await her parents in the car and decide to count the number of times they have moved..they count 11. Rex Walls takes a quick turn and Jeannette flies out
of the car in the middle of the desert. They dont return for her for 20 minutes. Age 6 Jeannette and her three siblings travel across country in the back of a U-Haul truck while moving yet again. Age 7 Rex Walls brings his daughter down to The Hot Spot which is a sulfur spring and he teaches her to swim by repeatedly letting her flail and sink in the water, rescuing her, and then throwing her back into the water. Age 10 For Jeannette's tenth birthday Rex asks her what she would like she tells him her only wish is for him to stop drinking. Jeannette begins to discover her love of reading at a very young age- especially about people liker her who suffer through poverty and hunger. A good indication of why she wrote a memoir about her life. Age 12 While picking through the garbage's at school and scavenging through the woods for berries just to survive on- Jeannette and her siblings find their mother one night hiding food from them. They discover she has eaten half of a giant chocolate bar and had no intention to share with them. Age 13 Jeannette begins high school and starts to feel different and self conscious about her appearance. To find comfort Jeannette begins participating in the school newspaper. She begins as a proofreader and loves spending her time there. In high school Jeannette becomes the editor- in chief of her school newspaper and ends up writing most of the articles herself because members are limited. Age 17 Jeannette decides to follow her sisters footsteps and move to New York city, where she plans to go to college. Jeannette interns at a small paper, The Phoenix, and eventually gets a full-time job there. She loves the long hours and busy schedule. Age 18 Jeannette attends Barnard College and works part-time as a nanny to pay for rent. Age 22 Jeanette graduates college and works a full-time job at a magazine. She moves in with her boyfriend Eric.
Rex and Rosemary move to NYC. Age 26 Jeannette and her long time boyfriend Eric
Jeannette finds out shocking news that her mother held land throughout her childhood worth a million dollars. Age 30-present Jeannette remains a writer and quits her job to write full-time.

Jeannette's father Rex dies from a heart attack.
Jeannette leaves Eric and marries a writer named John Taylor, they move to a farmhouse in Virginia. Jeannette is open, honest and candid in her writing really giving you the sense of understanding on another level what it is like to live in someone else's shoes. Jeannette inlufenced me greatly- through her writing she taught me that no matter how tough your life is and the guilt and shame you feel for others it is up to YOU to change that- and anything is possible once you do!
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