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Food Bank Services World Games

No description

Avery Hulog-Vicente

on 4 May 2018

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Transcript of Food Bank Services World Games

SFBFS World Games
April 5, 2018 FBS staff meeting
New staff & Anniversaries
Donation Drives
Grocers Feed the Hungry
Stamp Out Hunger Operations
Family Services
Volunteer Services
Important Dates
Gaylord assembly demo in WH
Who handles each drive?
State Employees Food Drive results
Spirit of Giving results
Other annual food drives
Donation Drives update
Largest one-day drive in the country
National Association of Letter Carriers host the drive
Postcards and bags delivered May 8-11
Thank your Letter Carrier!
Stamp Out Hunger 2018
Multiple locations or large corporate drives = Peggy
Single locations or Spirit of Giving = Maurice
Grocers Feed the Hungry
State Employees Food Drive
Spirit of Giving
Other Annual Drives
Welcome to SFBFS!
Family Services
Important Dates
Who, what, when & how?
2017 totals
RTFTH - $37,393
Turkey drive - 4,092 turkeys
Other counties - 108,494 lbs.
Cash donations - $165,658
SFBFS food - 89,196 lbs.
Food & cash converted -
2014 - 623K; 2015 - 720K; 2016 - 765K
Scouting for Food / Boy Scouts of America
Caliber Collision
April - May
Stamp Out Hunger
The Need to Feed / HD Supply
July - August
Feds Feed Families
July - August
Sutter Health
Marriott Hotels
KCRA Kids Can
October - November
California Family Fitness
Welcome Steve!

Family Services and facilities updates
2nd Annual Sacramento Capitol Cup - Dems vs. Reps April 18, 2018 - Papa Murphy's Park - 7:30pm
Purchase tickets at
www.sacramentocapitolcup.com benefiting SFBFS

Big Day of Giving - May 3, 2018
Help SFBFS out by scheduling a gift online at www.bigdayofgiving.org

In March, SFBFS was awarded $10,100 in grant funding from the Sacramento Bee Book of Dreams in support of RRS and Parent Education
What is S.O.G ?
Donation drive during "holiday season"
October - January
Agency Relations ?
How Does it Work ?
Same system as the blue barrel donation drive
Online form "Host a Drive" or "Spirit of Giving"
Coordinate with Transportation
Drop off/Pick up
Weight recorded
Donor card updated
Donations available to SFBFS Agencies and clients directly
Things to note
Clients can pick up their own barrels at FBS Campus
Tommy and Al

Food Drive, Clothing Drive, or Both....
Tasha B.

Barrel Accountability
Inventory Volunteer -Pat

FS Barrel Drop off
Steve K.

Keeper of All things SOG (before my hire)
Avery H.
Program Goals
Encourage food donations
Virtual drives for repeat donors with 100lbs or less (1/3 of a barrel)
Improve online drive form
Increase the number of Agency pick ups throughout SOG season
Send email blasts throughout year -
"Hunger does not end in Jan"

2 day turn around responses
Donor thank you letters - Emphasize individual impact.
Excellent Customer Service !!!
Increase donations - donation parties
Program Totals 2017:
193 different donors
62,165 lbs donated !!
“Happiness doesn't result from what we get, but from what we give.”
The Process
SFBFS Agencies
Who gets a store.... You! and You! and .....
Agency Responsibilities

My Responsibilities
April 18 – Sac Republic game benefiting SFBFS
April 19 – Food Safety class at FBS
April 25 – Volunteer Appreciation Lunch
April 26 – Garden Day
May 3 – Next FBS staff meeting
May 11 – both campuses closed for SOH prep
May 12 – Stamp Out Hunger
May 28 – Memorial Day Holiday / both campuses closed
June 15 – SFBFS all staff meeting / both campuses closed

Program Goals
What is GFTH?
Feeding America

Why would for profit retailers give away good food for free?
Reduced disposal costs
Reduced storage costs
Tax Deductions
Recognition and Support
Community Partnership and Positive Impact -
Be a part of the solution!

Re-establish Program SOP's - Toolkit - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Convert all SFBFS Pick ups to Agency
100% Reporting
Work with Feeding America to expand food categories
GFTH Agency Email Blasts - Communication
Donor Recognition
Capacity Building
Agency Recognition
Excellent agency support!
Richard Garcia - Driver
Justin Hipp - Warehouse Assistant
Todd Valencia - Warehouse Assistant
Edward Carrillo - Food Access Educator
Blair Hillis - Development Coordinator
Ying Chang - 1 year
Anthony Haggins - 1 year
Ira Pruitt - 1 year
Ken Smith - 2 years
Terrance Smith - 3 years
Kelly Siefkin - 11 years
Download the App!
Stamp Out Hunger History
2014- 131,318 lbs.
2015- 108,711 lbs.
2016- 215,055 lbs.
2017- 223,223 lbs.

2018 Goal - 250,000 lbs.
Thursday: Prepare truck & equipment
Saturday: Wear SFBFS gear
Staff schedules vary between 2pm-11pm
Drivers will likely make 2-3 trips
Write Post Office name on gaylord
Take food out of the bags
Take good care of your volunteers
Most locations will be done by 8pm
Warehouse staff hopefully done by 11pm
Name That Olympian
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