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Weapons of the Greek gods

No description

Ben Dover

on 6 February 2018

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Transcript of Weapons of the Greek gods

Who are the Greek Gods and What are Their Weapons?
The Greek Gods of Olympus.
Poseidon: God of the Seas
The trident of Poseidon. He can use it to control the waves and the ocean at his command and can breathe underwater and talk to sea creatures.
Ares: God of War
The spear of Ares. A
powerful spear that draws
lots of war and chaos and
often causes a bloodbath.
The New God
In the game God of War, Kratos, a spartan, slays Ares for vengeance and becomes the new god of war.
Athena: Goddess of Wisdom
Athena and her spear and shield, Aegis. Her wisdom is a powerful tool she uses on the battlefield.She is Zeus's number one strategist and often thinks of the attack plans.
Zeus: God of the skies
Weapons of the Greek gods
Hermes: God of Messengers and Roads
Hermes and his staff and sandals and hat. His sandals allows him to fly and his staff is a symbol of healing. He carries messages and is a master thief.
The Lightning Bolt of Zeus. It packs a powerful charge and can control the weather. Zeus is the king of the gods and also represents order.
Hera: Goddess of

The symbol of marriage. Hera's lotus staff. It represents marriage and child birth.
Dionysus: God of
Wine and Parties
Dionysus and his thrysus. It's a staff wrapped in ivory and a pine cone on top. Party time! The olympian god of huge major parties. He uses his thrysus to put madness on people or smack them.
Party Time!
Olympian parties are huge, major blowout parties. The gods just love to party, don't they?
Hephaestus: God of the Forges
Hephaestus is the blacksmith of the gods and he forges weapons with his mighty hammer. He uses his hammer to build weapons, but also can give someone a good hard whack on the head.
Apollo: God of the Sun and Archery
Apollo's bow can shoot flaming arrows at his will and he can blind his opponents with his sun powers. Don't gaze upon his sun chariot, though or you'll find yourself blind from the brightness.
Artemis: God of the Moon and Hunting
The bow of Artemis. Unlike Apollo, her twin brother, she takes stuff very seriously and can talk to animals. She gets stronger in the night time and Apollo and her are like Zeus's snipers.
Demeter: Goddess of the Harvest and Plants
Although Demeter has no physical weapon she can sometimes be seen with farming tools like a scythe. Her weapons are her powers and are food related. She can starve you or choke you with vines.
Aphrodite: Goddess of Love and Beauty
Aphrodite is the beauty of the gods and, like Demeter, has no physical weapon. Her weapon is love and she can use it to make people go mad with love
Hades: God of the Underworld
Hades can use his helmet to blend into shadows and access your worst nightmares. He can use this on the battlefield, making him a strong opponent.
Zeus uses his lightning bolt when he is in battle.
Feel The Wrath!
Jealous, Bro?
Hera is Zeus's wife and often gets jealous of his many affairs. She curses Zeus's children if their mother is not her. She is famous for cursing Hercules, the greek hero.
Grrrr! I'll Get You!
Poseidon's greatest enemy is Polybotes, a giant born to oppose Poseidon. His touch turns water to poison.
I Don't Love You
Although Aphrodite, goddess of love, is married to Hephaestus, she loves Ares. She prefers cool and slick over personality.
Ewwww! Gross!
Athena was born in the weirdest way possible. She sprang from the mind of Zeus as wisdom comes from the mind.
Ha Ha! Mine Now!
Hermes snuck out of his crib as a child and stole Apollo's cattle. When Apollo found out, he was mad, but not for long. Hermes created a Lyre instrument and it sounded so beautiful, Apollo forgot about Hermes's theft.
I Can Heal You

Apollo is also god of medicine and, aside from being a battlefield sniper, is also a medic.
Vows of Maidenhood
Orion, the invincible hunter, was Artemis's only male hunting companion. Artemis is a maiden, meaning she doesn't belong to men, but Orion almost stole her heart.
Family Is Weird
Persephone is Demeter's daughter and Hades's wife. So, that should make Demeter Hades's mother-in-law, right? But, Hades and Demeter are brother and sister so... family is complicated.
I'm The Most Beautiful
Be careful what you say around Aphrodite. If you say someone is more prettier than Aphrodite, she'll get mad. She might blast you to ashes.
Run! It's alive!
By: Ethan Vu
Strongest monsters of Greek myth.
The Greek weapons
From bows, to spears, to hammers. I hope you enjoyed this!
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