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"Its always greener at the other side"

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Hugo Reyes

on 16 May 2014

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Transcript of "Its always greener at the other side"

The Distance Between US
How dose this relate currently in our society?
Research Question
This all relates in our society now because we still see Marxism in our generation today. We will keep seen the division of classes for many years to come because of people who want avoid poverty; unfortunately there will always be a rich class and a poor class.
As for immigration we still see it now in our society because of people who seek abetter life and are driven to accomplish the dream of becoming wealthy.
Monday, February 17, 1950
By: Hugo Reyes
Angela's Ashes
In conclusion Marxism ties together with immigration because
of the fact that immigrants fight to become wealthy.

"Its always greener at the other side"
works cited
Marxism is a literary theory based on the philosophy of Karl Marx. This philosophy focuses on class system within a capitalist society. (capitalism is an economic system where profit is the highest aim, and each individuals rights are valued higher than the groups.)
The pilgrims were the first to immigrate to the United States.
They escaped from England for religious freedom and for a better life style.
40.5 percent have immigrants have migrated to USA in 2000 alone.

How do Authors find the drive or the will to keep fighting poor conditions?

Frank McCourt was born in the 1950s.
Was brought to New York in order to seek a better life.
His father was a drunk and violent father.
Frank had to work at a young age to help his mother.
He faced starvation and insults.
His living standards as a child were unbelievably bad.
Reyna Grande was brought to U.S for the same reason Frank McCourt was; for a better future.
She suffered crossing over the border and face near death experiences as well.
Her father was a drunk father that threatened to beat them if not done what was expected of her.
Had to face struggles like learning a new language that she wasn't quite comfortable with .
Read all about it !!
Read all about it !!
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