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No description

Elifsu Erdem

on 18 September 2013

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Transcript of SUMMER CAMP 2013

Daily Routines
Friendship Bonds
We had lots of amazing friends at camp. I miss them so so so much. We still have contact. We slept, played, danced, watched together. At the last day somebody cried, I hope see them again.
At mornings we had 4 lessons, with great teachers!
At afternoons we had activites, with lots of fun! :)
Every morning we woke up at 8 o'clock. Yes, it's sounds bad now but everyday we woke up for have fun!
Karaoke parties, open air cinema nights, war waters, listening and making music, draving something and painting, photo hunt, capture the flag, football, basketball, kickball, volleyball, salsa nights, table game nights, parties, acting plays... Sorry, It's impossible to write all the things!
May be sometimes
the things can be
tiring, but no; never
On Saturdays we went somewhere to
visit and on sundays we were free, when we wanted it we can go out from school, too.
On Saturdays its so hard to wake up so early :(
On Sundays your parents have to
write fax for inform teachers about your
parents give you permission for go out.
On Sundays you have to be in dorms
before 7 o'clock at evening.
Our Teachers
We had great teachers there, they were just like our friends. We had 2 dorm offical, we called them 'sister' and 'brother' :)
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