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the death of selena quintanilla

No description

monica arellano

on 22 April 2013

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Transcript of the death of selena quintanilla

the death of selena quintanilla Selena was known as "The Queen of Tejano music". Selena began singing at a very young age, and at the age of six her father founded the singing group Selena y Los Dinos. Selena y los dinos performed at their family restaurant but when the restaurant went bankrupt, the family was forced to move to corpus cristi, Texas. They performed anywhere they could and soon enough Selena released her first album in 1985 that got her name out. In 1987 she won the best female vocalist at the tejano music awards. After that she continued winning awards and became extremely famous. www.famousdead.com In early 1995 the Quintanilla family discovered that Yolanda Saldívar, president of Selenas fan club and manager of her boutiques, had been embezzling money from the fan club and decided to fire her.
Yolanda asked to meet up with Selena to discuss paper work but when they met up Yolanda started saying she was rapped in mexico. Selena went to the hospital and found out yolanda was never raped. When she confronted Yolanda and told her she could no longer be trusted , Yolanda
shot Selena on her way out
the door.
This website just stated
what happend no personal
opinions. www.famousdead.com continued http://www.biography.com/people/selena-189149

this is a link to a video that
briefly summarizes Selena's life.
-this source is secondary
-the people being interviewed don't
seem like they have any
credentials listed but they look
reliable. www.biography.com this website is a fan club website. It talks about Selena's life and how she started off singing in weddings clubs etc. then got famous. This website talks about Selena's death in detail. Selena and Yolanda had a meeting at the holiday in because certain documents went missing. Yolanda talks about how she was sexually abused, but when Selena takes Yolanda to the clinic for a check up there were no signs of abuse. They went back to the motel and Selena dissmisses Yolanda from her business. Selena then walked to the door, Saldivar feared to be dismissed and sue in court, takes a gun out of her purse, points it at Selena and shoots once hitting the upper right side of her back. Bleeding and petrified, Selena ran to the lobby of the motel. According to the assistant manager, and sales Director at the motel, Selena arrived to the lobby yelling: "Help me, help me! I've been shot!." She asked them to call 9-1-1 and slowly laid herself on the floor. A puddle of blood formed. The employees asked Selena who shot her and she replied: "Yolanda in room 158". Yolanda was sentenced to life in prison. www.sing365.com (primary source) www.selenaforever.com -This website shows Selena magazines and music videos.
-This website talks about Selena's childhood, her recording debut, her breakthrough, her love life,and her tragic death.
-There aren't any pictures just mostly information about Selena and a music video.

-http://www.hispanic-culture-online.com/selena-quintanilla.html www.hispanic-culture-online.com/selena-quintanilla (primary source) (primary source) in this website people talk about how much they adore selena and love her music. -This website is very informational. It has newspaper articles, biographies, music lyrics, pictures and pretty much everything you'd want/ need to know about Selena Quintanilla. This website explains Selenas career and death as in the other websites. This website also talks about Selena : the movie.
-The film is directed by Gregory Nava and stars Jennifer Lopez as Selena, in the breakthrough role of her career. Her father, Abraham Quintanilla, Jr., who served as executive producer of the movie, is played by Edward James Olmos. Constance Marie plays Marcela Quintanilla. (secondary source)
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