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No description

Alice G

on 22 February 2013

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Transcript of Fireworks

By Alice Gu Fireworks Speaker Song Poetry Artist: Katy Perry Birth name: Katheryn Elizabeth Hudson
Also known as: Katy Hudson
Born: October 25, 1984 (age 28)
Origin: Santa Barbara, California, United States
Genres: Pop, rock, disco, electronic
Occupations: Singer-songwriter, actress, entrepreneur
Instruments: Vocals, guitar, piano
Labels: Red Hill, Island, Columbia, Virgin Capitol
Associated acts: The Matrix, Matt Thiessen and Travie McCoy Character traits encouraging confident inspiring hopeful sympathetic Point Of View This song is in 2nd person point of view. Note: we can find a lot of "you" and "your" in this song. Subject/Topic This song is telling people to not be self-abased(can not believe themselves who powerful they are). It is encouraging people to be confident and strong. Setting In this song, we do not a have a specific place or time taken. Mood This song's mood is inspiring, because the speaker is trying to encouraging people to be confident. At first, it uses vivid metaphors to describe how most people feel in their heart and then it changes to encouraging people to be confident and to not ever feel like that. Inspiring Musicality The music part of the song matches the mood very well. The sense of rhythm is very strong. And the music gets stronger at the part where it is encouraging people to be confident. Others There are other people in this song, they are the people who having who having trouble believing in themselves. They are not named; they are “you” in this song. They are the people who Katy Perry is directing the song to and trying to inspire them. Conflict The problem in this song is people are having trouble to believe themselves and view themselves as insignificant. Sometimes I have those trouble , this song encouraged me to be more confident and strong. Negative Symbols/Metaphors Examples Represent 1. Plastic bag 1. Describe how they feel you are useless, because people normally use plastic bags once and then just throw them away. You feel like a plastic bag because you have no control over your life and what is happening to you. 2. Paper 3. House of cards 4. Maybe your reason why all the doors are closed 2. Describe how you feel you are so light, do not have any power. Feel like you are not strong at all, and vulnerable like a paper. 3. Describe you feel they have too many pressures, you can not stand any more, you are about tumble at any time. 4. Doors are representing the good things, this sentence means that you do not believe themselves, and you did not show yourself. You close your doors because you’re looking for the door that leads you to where you’re headed. Positive Symbols/Metaphors Examples Represent 1. Ignite the light 2. Fireworks 3. Like a lightning bolt, your heart will blow 1. This represents star change more cheerful, to show others how great you are. You got to getting past the bad times. 2. Fireworks is representing the things are striking, and valuable. 3. When you start believing yourself, everything will start change very fast, you will be much stronger than you thought. Everybody will admire you, because of you changes. Your time will come. Figurative Language/Imagery onomatopoeia “boom, boom, boom” Making the song sounds very stronger idiom “let your colors burst” Representing you should show others how strong and good you are hyperbole “Six feet under screams, but no one seems to hear a thing" Representing people are not paying attention to you at all imagery I can see a person is screaming for help but nobody hear that, they just walked away I think there are two themes loss and hope, because that you learn how to be hopeful after you get loss. The bigger theme is hope. Theme hope Do you know that there's still a chance for you Come on, show them what you're worth You're original, cannot be replaced After a hurricane comes a rainbow Maybe you're reason why all the doors are closed So you could open one that leads you to the perfect road Even brighter than the moon, moon, moon Title After I analysis the song lyrics, I feel the title have much more meaning now. i feel the fireworks in the song are the shiniest, brightest all the time. It is showing its confidence, showing the best to everyone. And a firework is full of hopes, dreams and inner potential. And this connect to a fact: when we are watching fireworks, there always are one or two of them does not working very well, but the one next to it is always very bright. So we are like those fireworks, we cannot be perfect, but we can always get another chance to do better, to show how strong we are.
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