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The Mall of America

Understanding How the Mall of America Influences its Audience: A Shopping Experience that Nothing Can Beat

Brittany Smith

on 21 April 2010

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Transcript of The Mall of America

The Mall of America Opened in 1992 Hollywood of the Midwest Holds more than 350 events a year Amusement Park, Retail Stores,
Restaurants, Entertainment Each level is .57 walking distance
and 4.3 miles of total store footage Over 40 million visitors annually Located in Bloomington, Minnesota Located on the site, where the
Metropolitan Stadium used to be 520 stores
Four anchor stores on each corner including:
Nordstrom, Sears, Bloomingtondale's, and Macy's,
with Nickelodeon Universe as its central location Concepts Blair:
How the text acts on people Black:
the Second Persona Warner:
Public vs. Private Sustainabilityand Disney World How does it act on people? http://www.mallofamerica.com/#/main/home/home Photo Gallery
Tourism Media
MOA in 60 Seconds Understanding How the Mall of America
Influences its Audience:
A Shopping Experience that Nothing Can Beat
Theatrical Experience "Fantasy-World" Memories Marriage Fitness Shop Amusement/Water Park Hang Out/Socialize Money Shaped after they leave:
Tell their stories to friends/family Vacation Expensive Something for Everyone Nickelodeon Universe
Underwater Adventures
Moose MTN Golf
A.C.e.s. flight simulator
silicon motor speedway
house of comedy
Happy hour
american girl
much more... Dine/Play/Entertainment Hotel Spa Recreational Activities cultural attractions Business Center
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