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Rizal's visit to Austria & whereabouts in July-September 1888

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Kirstine Dell Lumapas

on 25 September 2012

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Transcript of Rizal's visit to Austria & whereabouts in July-September 1888

Grand Tour of Europe
w/ Viola (1887) Rizal's Visit to Austria Rizal and Viola tarried for some time in Dresden.

Rizal, who was interested in botany, studied the “numerous plant varieties of extraordinary beauty and size”.

Rizal visited Fr. Adolph B. Meyer and in the Museum of Art which Rizal deeply impressed by a painting of “Prometheus Bound”.

Rizal also met Dr. Jagor. Dresden Leitmeritz Rizal visited Blumentritt
(now Litomerice, Czechoslovakia) Decin Their stopover after leaving Dresden (formerly known as Teschen; now Decin, Czechoslovakia) PRAGUE They visited the historic city of Prague. They met Dr. Willkom, professor of natural history in the University of Prague.

Rizal and Viola visited the tomb of Copernicus, the famous astronomer; the museum of natural history; the bacteriological laboratories; the famous cave where San Juan Nepomuceno, the catholic saint was imprisoned; and the bridge from which this saint was hurled into the river Linz Brunn Rizal lost his
diamond stickpin Rizal received his lost diamond stickpin. It was found by a maid in Hotel Krebs and was given to Blumentritt, who inturn, forwarded it to Rizal in Vienna. The river voyage
ended at Linz They savor the famous Munich beer, reputed to be the best in Germany
Where Hitler attempted a putsch in 1923 One of the oldest city in Germany
Site of the Nazi party rallies and the War Crime trials Rizal was in the German Empire, sometimes past the German-Austrian border, from February 1886 until he went to Switzerland in early June, 1887 Rizal's whereabouts
in July-September 1888 July 9, 1888 to Aug. 18,1888
Rizal was in London, busy in his work on Antonio Morga's Sucesos de las Islas Filipinas Sept. 4, 1888
Rizal was in Paris, France

Sept. 10, 1888
He left Paris for London to continue his work. Born: April 20, 1888
Conception: July of 1888 Was it possible for Rizal and Klara
to have an affair? Manuel Luis "Manolo" Quezon III - a Filipino writer, television host and grandson of President Manuel L. Quezon. - regarded the Rizal-Hitler connection to be “the craziest thing he had ever heard.” If Adolf was 9 months old he must be conceived July 1888 8 months old August 1888 7 months old September 1888 Did it happen historically? YES end :)
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