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First Day


Jonathan Michael

on 16 August 2018

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Transcript of First Day

Welcome to Class!
About Me
My name is Jonathan Michael.
Bachelor's from Shippensburg University
Master's from Penn State University
This is my twelth year teaching business.
A Little More About Me
Pittsburgh Steelers
Classes I Teach
A+ Computer Repair and Maintenance
Mobile App Development
AP Computer Science Principles
Accounting I
Did You Know?
About the class



About You
Now it's time to find out a little more about you.
Let's play - Two truths and a lie
Split into teams of 3 or 4

Review the syllabus

Create 4-5 questions you have for me about the course, me, class expectations, any other questions in general
What Do You Think?
In your groups, discuss the following questions:

What are your initial reactions?

How are these changes manifesting themselves in your personal lives? professional lives?

What does it mean to prepare students for the 21st century? What skills do students need to survive and thrive in this new era?

What implications does this have for our current way of doing things?

Who's scared? Why?

What will we do next? What are some concrete actions that we can take in the near future?
What is this class?
Discuss with the person beside you what you think this class is all about.
Share with class
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