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Copy of The causes of the Eureka Stockade

The reasons that the Eureka Stockade occured

brooke mulley

on 28 August 2011

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Transcript of Copy of The causes of the Eureka Stockade

Eureka Stockade James Scobie was killed James Scobie was murdered outside the Eureka hotel by the owner. The owner was a former convict called James Bentley and was good friends with the police. The police, therefore, did not make any attempt to try and tell the truth and Bentley was found not guilty. This made a lot of miners very angry as Scobie was very popular among them. The Money from the Miner's
Lincence Miners were wondering where the money from the miner's license was going. Instead of going towards the roads and postoffices, the police force and roads, but it was going straight into the pockets of the people of the government. There was no visible evidence of the money going towards the things that needed it. The Gold was running out! The gold was running out people got poorer angry and wanted to take it out on the government because of its other wrong-doings and the fact that the government was doing nothing about it or making things easier for the miners. Police Abusing rights People were angry with police because they were abusing their rights. The police often approached the miners with guns to ask for the licenses. Naturally this caused a lot of the miners to get angry and they retaliated by throwing stones at them. They soon constructed a barracade called the "Eureka Stockade" to fire from. By Brooke Events
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