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Loch Ness Monster


Alex Hussey

on 29 June 2013

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Transcript of Loch Ness Monster

By Alex Hussey
The Loch Ness monster
What is Nessie?
What do people think she is?
A plesiosaur
lived in europe
Does anyone believe in Nessie?
Biologist = NO
most scientist = NO
dutch Dr. Bernard Heuvelman = Yes
- none scientifically

Where would Nessie live
Loch Ness, Scotland
Loch Ness
2nd largest lake in scotland

Man of the lake

Monster of the Lake
40 ft
2 or 3 humps on back
pair of horns on head
long neck
flippers like seal
make believe?
eats fish
lived 200,00 million years ago
A lot like Nessie
<- Heuvelman
(the father of cryptozoology)
<-- surgeon's photo

european eel
Three-spined stickleback
brook lamprey
Eurasian minnow
Atlantic Salmon
Sea Trout
Brown Trout
Atlantic Char

deepest at 775 ft.
Home to :
Fun Facts / Conclusion
1 observer said Nessie looked like an upturned boat and a paddle (huh?)
There is an Official Nessie information site check it out http://www.nessie.co.uk/
The first story ever noted on the Loch ness monster dated 1,000 years ago
If Nessie does exist she's bee 100's of years old
Many People left their jobs, families, and lives to look for Nessie
Nessie was discussed by the british parliament
Astronauts in the Apollo II asked about the latest news on Nessie
She streaks under water like torpedo
She also leaves trails of sizzling water
spotted on land?
Giant worm
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