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Silvana Garcia Gutierrez

on 29 April 2013

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

BY: Silvana Garcia, Juliana Uribe,
Ana Sofia Corredor and Sara Aguilar OUR STATE 4 Characteristics: TYPE OF GOVERNMENT Population : People living in a defined space.
We want that the population of our state is medium because we don't want that our state in all the places is congested , and people and the government want their own space , our state is medium about money because we don't want that other states come and steal , we want highly educated because we want a good future for our state, our state will be suburban, heterogenous.

Territory: Defined space. Our state is large , that is good because people have their own space , our state is hilly , our state is coastal , that is good because people like going to the beach in the weekend , the weather of Paix is moderate , that 's good because is neither so hot nor so cold our state , we have many resources in our state .

Government: Act to rule. The type of government in our state is democracy , these means that is rule by the people , they vote for choosing their representative , in our state the president is the representative that people choose.

Sovereignty: Ability to rule without a higher authority. We will make rules that are fair to all without consulting any higher power. For our state we choose representative democracy. A representative democracy is a type of government in which people choose a people that represent them.We choose it because we think people opinion is important and it is fair that people choose what they want.
3 branches, 3 authorities: The 3 branches or the 3 authorities are: Legislative, Executive and Judicial. Legislative: It consists of the House of Representatives and the Senate and it is the branch that make the laws. Executive: The power of the Executive branch is the president.The President is responsible for implementing and enforcing the laws made by the legislative branch but this branch is the one that manage the money. Judicial: This is the branch that make justice and it consists of the judges. Biography: Nick Garcia was born
in Paix, in 1935. In his childhood was knew that he will be a leader because he was the leader in the school and in the university. He studied in
Paix`s University and specialized
in rights. His Dad worked with the police
and his mom was a nurse. He married with Sophia Hale and had 2 children.
Characteristics: It is a person who is fair, dedicate to service, respect the opinions, honest, makes decisions without generalize, listen to people, it is the example to follow, not wasting the money of the State, good Communicator, team, evaluates the policies of their Government PAIX Political leader Impact in Society It gave employment to more than 50 percent of the people
Made sure all you people had to eat
increasing the number of education in the State
made peace in the State
made solidarity between many States
help people who vote freely NAME: Our state is going to be named Paix that means peace in french and we choose that name because we think is important our state dont have violence.

FLAG: Our flag has 3 colors and 1 symbol, the 3 colors are pink, blue and yellow. The colors mean:

pink: sweetness,delicate and beauty. yellow:energy,happiness and fun
blue: true, freedom and harmony.

and our symbol is: infinity because we want our state to progress and be forever together.

POPULATION:Our population is going to be very big, our state is going to be medium because if it is rich people of other states steal and if we are poor we don't have the necessary resources to live good.

TERRITORY: Our state is large, is hilly, is coastal and the weather is moderate.

POLITICAL LEADER: The political leader of our country is Nick Garcia. Sources wikipedia.com
Carlos Uribe
Gabriela Ramirez
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