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The book I chose for my Book project is Prisoner B-3087

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Cristina Ol

on 18 March 2015

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Transcript of The book I chose for my Book project is Prisoner B-3087

My Favorite scene of Prisoner B-3087
I rate this book 4 stars, because Prisoner B-3087 really touched my heart. I never thought that a ten year old boy would have this experience this in the concetration camps.
Are you able to survive ten different concentration camps while starving, being tortured, and forced to work everyday of your life?
Prisoner B-3087
Title: Prisoner B-3087
Author: Alan Gratz . Based on the true story by Jack Gruener.
Genre: History fiction
Setting and Characters

Yanek, Yanek's father, Fred, Amon Goeth, Moonface, and Isaac.

Krakow, Poland
Plaszow Concentration camp
Wieliczka Salt Mine
Trzebinia Concentration camp
Birkenau Concentration camp
Auschwitz Concentration camp
Sachsenhausen Concetration Camp
Bergen-Belser Concentration camp
Buchenwald Concetration camp
Gross-Rosen Concentration camp
Dachau Concentration camp
Favorite scene

"The gates opened and soldiers marched into the yard. But the soldiers weren't wearing gray and brown. They were wearing green...The tank that followed them had an American flag on it. It's the Americas! I cried, feeling something close to joy for the first time since I could remember...I had been ten when the war started. Now I was sixteen, for more than six years I had been a prisoner of the Nazis...An American solider hurried to help me up and asked me what my name was, I told him Yanek. The solider told me everything is going to be all right now, Yanek.....For the first time in six years, I believed he was right."
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