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The Colony of Pennsylvania

7th Grade Social Studies

Sam Smith

on 19 December 2012

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Transcript of The Colony of Pennsylvania

Who Founded Pennsylvania? The colony of Pennsylvania was founded by William Penn, a Quaker, in 1682. He received the land to offset a debt owed to his father. The colony was founded for Quakers to gain religious freedom, and for trade and profits. Why Was It Founded? Geography The general geography of the Middle Colonies, where Pennsylvania was, was a mix of the New England and Southern Colonies. Pennsylvania did have fertile soil, and land suited for farming. Climate The climate was mild, with warm summers and mild winters which were good for farming and agriculture. Other Pennsylvania had mountains, coastal plains, and plateau areas. Famous People That Lived In Pennsylvania -Benjamin Franklin - Invented many important things

-Daniel Boon - Became colonial Americas most famous frontiersman

-William Penn - Founded Pennsylvania Food Poor Families Every day of the year, poor families ate a pudding called cornmeal mush. Wealthier, Middle Class Families Most families had crops, such as corn or wheat, that provided food. There were also deer, wild turkeys, elk, and bear brought home by hunters to eat. Vegetables grown on farms and meat from the forest were mixed to make soups and stews. For a special treat, a pie might be made with raspberries, strawberries and cherries. What Did They Drink? Water was not very popular because it spread disease if it was not purified. Many families owned cows which provided them with milk. It was also common for the entire family, even children, to drink whiskey. Clothing Some families bought their clothes in Philadelphia, or other towns, but many families made their clothes themselves. Deerskin was used to make pants, shirts, jackets and moccasins. From flax, a crop grown that was not used for food, the colonists made linen. Linen was used to make petticoats, gowns, aprons, shirts, and also tablecloth and sheets. A Proprietary Colony Pennsylvania was a proprietary colony. A proprietary colony was a colony granted to an individual or a group. In this case, Pennsylvania was granted to William Penn and others with him. A proprietary colony was also granted full rights of self government. How's it different from a charter colony? A charter colony was given to an individual, a trading company, etc. How's it different from a royal colony? A royal colony was administered by a royal governor and a council, with an assembly elected by the people. How Did People Make A Living? Hundreds of Philadelphians worked shipping related jobs, as Philadelphia did the second most shipping out of the colonial cities, even though it wasn't on the coast. In the shipyard, many workers built sailing vessels. -Merchants - Merchants made fortunes buying and selling goods that came in an out of the city.
-Glass Makers
-Carriage Makers Shipping Jobs Other Jobs Education Many people in Pennsylvania could not read, mainly because there was no private school system. Most people received little or no schooling. The one book that most families had was the Bible. Parents used the bible to teach reading and religious lessons to their kids. Wealthy families, however, hired private tutors to teach Greek, Latin, and other advanced subjects. When the children with tutors became teenagers, some of the young men, but not women, attended college. They went either to Europe or another colony. This was because Pennsylvania did not have a college until 1751. Worshiping Families dressed in their nicest clothes on Sundays and went to church by horse or by foot. There were log churches with long pews in some wilderness areas. This is where ministers held their service. People would sit in church for most of the day, because that is how long the services were. Entertainment Children Children played some games that are still popular today such as leap frog, hop scotch, and marbles. Also, puzzles, tops, and dolls were played with. Some girls made their own dolls to practice sewing. Adults Many adults, along with children, read books. Forbidden things to do included singing, dancing, and some other games. Everyone is Welcome Pennsylvania, unlike some of the other colonies, was open for anyone to live there. There were no laws about who could and couldn't live in Pennsylvania at the time. THE END First Frame of Government and Rulers Thomas Lloyd, John Blackwell, Benjamin Fletcher, and William Markham were all early rulers of the colony. Markham was Penn's cousin. Rulers Government The government was to be made up of a council that consisted of 72 popularly elected members, with the governor on top. The council was to govern the absence of the Governor, appoint judges, regulate trade, and many other things. The governor would also have three votes. This frame of government had many objections raised to it, and later, the second frame was passed. The Second Frame of Government In this new government, the council consisted of three members from each county, but the total could not exceed 72 or fall below 18. The governor's three votes went away, but he was given veto power. A few other things were also changed. Cherry Pie A Colonial Church The Colony of Pennsylvania
By: Sam Smith Map of the 13 Colonies Pennsylvania Transportation In Town To go places that were close to home, settlers either walked, or rode horses. For example, many people rode horses to church if they had one. Far Away To go places farther from home, people drove wagons, and used boats to get across rivers. People also used boats to ship goods to England. Why Would Someone Want to Live in Pennsylvania? Someone would want to live in Pennsylvania because it has a great climate, and good soil for farming. Also, everyone is allowed to live there, so you wouldn't have to worry about not being let in. Pennsylvania also had a great government, and great leaders too. There were good food sources, and good jobs. Pennsylvania would have been the perfect colony to live in.
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