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Fantasy Prezi (EXAMPLE) by Jeremy Bekker

Student example

Rachel Rojas

on 20 January 2016

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Transcript of Fantasy Prezi (EXAMPLE) by Jeremy Bekker

Elements of Fantasy Literature

There is normally a surprising twist or development.
The story has key things that can't happen in the real world. (magic/sorcery)
Problems are normally solved with heroism or acts of kindness with a description of good or bad.
It is simple and often based around:
- a time schedule like birth, growth, death.
- the seasons.
- a hero's quest or journey.
The character's actions are normally based on traditions or prophesy instead of there own motivation.
Characters can have special powers
The story has a good and bad/evil side.
The stories lead to humans facing their inner self.
The characters use special abilities to solve problems
Possible problems include:
1. Growing up
2. Good and evil
3. Justice and injustice
4. Happiness, kindness, friendship, loyalty
5. Basic human nature and values
6. Love and Loyalty

The setting is often a medieval universe.
Even though magic works and there are usually specific rules to magic, usually no one can explain why magic works.
Technology and architecture are more iron age or blacksmith age than the gunpowder age.
Even though the characters have special powers, defeat is still a problem and an option.
The magic world can possibly exist.
Sword and sorcery fantasy take place in archaic (very old or old fashioned) time periods.
* http://www.homeofbob.com/literature/genre/fiction/fantsyElmnts.html
* http://childliterature.net/childlit/fantasy/
* And I used google definitions to understand a few words and google images for the images.
Mythical creatures indicate that the story is in the fantasy genre.
Normally there are more species than just human. (elf's, demons, orcs, wizard, etc.)
The main character is normally special or is stronger than the other characters in magic or strength.
Fantasy stories usually have events that occur outside of the ordinary laws of our universe.
Magic is a big part of fantasy.
Fantasy stories often have quests or journeys.
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