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the reaction on liquid

No description

Angela Trujillo

on 9 June 2015

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Transcript of the reaction on liquid


glass tube
Baking soda

Sub Focus question #1

How will the seltzer react with the water?
A:The seltzer will act with the water by creating gas with t dissolving of the the tablet.
Sub Focus Qustion #2
How will my experiment help people in the future?

A: Our experiment will help others in the future by pushing
lethal gas upward out of harms way.

Sub Focus Question #3
Data Table
The Reaction of Liquid
By the Thotties
If the Thotties put different amounts of seltzer with 50ml of water and different amounts of baking soda in 50ml of vinegar in flask, Then the balloon inflate by the gases that are produced by both products that are combined.
Get all of your materials ready. Goggles included
You will then take your two cork and you will place the glass tube inside the cork (make sure the cork has a whole in it)
So your cork should look like this
have your beaker cleaned as well as your flask
pour water from the beaker into the flask (only 50ml needed)
then measure the alka seltzer and

How will seltzer blow up the balloon?

A: The gas from the reaction pushes the cold air up which blows up the balloon.
From this project i learned that alka seltzer + water and Vinegar + backing soda can react to each other and create a type of gas that can fill up the balloon. Our hypothesis was correct because
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