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Back to School Procedures

No description

Erica Mattiuz

on 31 August 2015

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Transcript of Back to School Procedures

Back to School Procedures
Linglestown Middle School
Parent Homework
Important paperwork should be given to your parents today!
Classroom Door
Classroom Library
3 minutes!
Before/During Homeroom
Hall Pass
Hug Slips
your first stop every morning
only bring the materials you need to class
you may not have book bags in class
do NOT share your combination
nothing may be taped to or attached to the outside of your locker
you are responsible for your locker
need to go to the computer lab during enrichment?
have your planner signed by your homeroom teacher
walk down to the computer lab
ask Mrs. Marple for a computer lab pass
you are responsible for this pass
at the beginning of 3rd period, ask your teacher to sign it and then walk to the computer lab
this MUST BE done by 7:45
need to return, exchange, or checkout a library book?
have your planner signed by your homeroom teacher
walk to the library
need to your the restroom?
have your planner signed by your homeroom teacher
walk to the restroom
complete any morning work
For now, you will not need to use them during my class. I do not want to see them out.
Your cell phone must be kept on SILENT
Were you absent?
Do you have an early dismissal?
Take your note to the attendance window.
The attendance window is located
outside the office.
When the period bell rings, you will have 3 minutes to get to your next class.
Things you may do:
go to your locker
get a drink at the water fountain
Things you may NOT do:
use the restroom without permission
Check out the last few pages of your planner:
YOU are responsible for filling out the date, destination, and time leaving.
If it is an appropriate time, your teacher will initial the last column.
When you return, fill out the time in your planner.
Hall Pass
Heading to GUIDANCE, THE OFFICE, or THE NURSE?Ask for the appropriate pass and go!
Need to use the
Use to write down your homework for EVERY class!
Mark future due dates, assemblies, dances, sporting events or other school activities.
Must be with you at ALL times.
Computer lab (get pass during homeroom)
Library - 2 students may go at a time
You may work on homework, see a teacher for extra help, or read your SSR book.
Have a band lesson, gifted, or a pink pass?
You must have a pass in order to go
Ask your teacher to sign it at the BEGINNING of the period.
QUIETLY leave at the appropriate time.
1 Hour Delay Schedule
Use GREEN schedules - If you think your schedule is wrong, have your parent contact the guidance office.
Mrs. Siget (last name A-L)
Mrs. Geissler (last name M-Z)

Must be closed at all times!
It will also be LOCKED at all times. QUIETLY knock and someone will let you in.
You are more than welcome to borrow a book for the period. My books may NOT leave the classroom unless you sign it out with me.
Become familiar with your team website!
If you help a teacher in need or go above and beyond for a classmate, then you will be given a "Hug Slip".

Take your "Hug Slip" to lunch on Fridays and exchange it for Hershey Kisses!
Always come to class prepared!
In an emergency, you may take a pencil or eraser from the table before class begins.

If you need a binder or folders, let your teacher know ASAP.
Planner, Pencil, Eraser, and SSR Book
Class Book (Glencoe (math) or Social Studies book)
Class Folder (LA, Math, Social Studies, & Science)
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