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About Me

No description

abigail montgomery

on 1 May 2013

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Transcript of About Me

` by Abigail Montgomery Food That I Like Pancakes Krispy Kreme
donuts passion fruit Sushi Food Food I Dislike Paw Paw Pepper Blue cheese Pumpkin About me sport I Watch Tennis Soccer olympics Paralympics Sport I Play Tennis Soccer I have been playing tennis
now for 4 years. I played soccer for 5 years
and am going to play
again next term. Hi, my name is Abigail but everyone calls me Abi. This is a picture of me and my close friend from England.

I am twelve years old, and I have an older brother and an older sister. Here is a photo of us ........... We have grown a lot though
from the last photo ..... music I also need to put in I'm a
chocoholic. In the future I would love to play double bass as well as it has such a wonderful sound. I sadly don't have any
pets but I really want a sausage dog. When I was little I also
wanted a dragon and a tea cup pig Animals People I admire I admire people who don't think of themselves but of others, or who do jobs which help other people. Like Charity workers, Doctors, volunteers, and last but not least teachers.
As well as Queen I also listen to:
Beach Boys
Billy Joel
Taylor Swift
The Wombats
James Blunt I play the bass guitar. I have been playing now for 4 years and play it in two bands here at school. I also admire my parents as well Places I have been I visit England to see extended family and friends.
My cousins live in France, and I have been to visit them there.
I have been to Hong Kong to work with a charity there called Crossroads.
I have been on holiday to lots of places like Fiji, Bali and New Zealand. I have gone to the Philippines 3 times to work with a Charity called ICM. Things that make me happy. puppies,
people working together
seeing someone who was in need being helped The end Things that make me feel sad bullying
people dying
seeing people get hurt
my tennis game being
canceled. Things that make me angry People that look down on other people
People not bothering to help others in need.
Knowing that I have forgotten something but can't figure out what it is. Thing I am good at. I am good at tennis
I am good at drama
I am good at playing my Bass guitar
I am told that I am very sensitive to other peoples feelings. My Achievement I was a Prefect in primary school
I won the community service award and
the concert band award at the end of year six.
I performed as Lucy in The Lion The Witch and the Wardrobe at a Theatre for Young People. I love music, playing it, and listening to it. You are listening to Queen "Don't stop me now" my current favourite song. Thanks for watching `` To watch just keep clicking space bar. Goals for this year and the future To get good grades.
To get better at tennis
To help others in every way that I
can - working with ICM, helping people at school, putting ideas forward on the fund raising committing etc
To play double bass I helped with their kids camp which they run for kids from the slums. It is great fun for the kids, and they learn about God. (ICM is a christian based charity by the way.)
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