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Why Did Jesus Choose Those 12 Disciples?

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Alisha Heffernan

on 30 April 2013

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Transcript of Why Did Jesus Choose Those 12 Disciples?

Alisha Heffernan Why Did Jesus Choose 12 Disciples? Who Were the 12? Significance For Us 12 disciples represent the 12 tribes of Israel
12 disciples are symbolic of reuniting 12 tribes of Israel

12 was considered the number for government perfection
significant as a leadership number

12 disciples sit on 12 thrones judging 12 tribes
(Matt. 19:27-28) Significance of 12 Jesus Mission Disciples role was to call people into the freedom that Christ brings

Disciples represent the 'new people'
the restored people and restored relationships with God

Disciples commission parallels Abraham's commission
spread God's word to the nations Why The Disciples Were Called Jesus does not require the best of the best in order to be His disciple
Criteria Jesus Didn't Use
social status, political views, character, personalities, aptitudes and abilities, spiritual maturity
Criteria Jesus Did Use
teachable, belief in Jesus and his message, personal love and devotion Simon Peter --> Fisherman
Andrew --> Fisherman
James son of Zebedee --> Fisherman
John son of Zebedee --> Fisherman
Matthew --> Tax Collector
Simon --> A Zealot
Judas Iscariot
James son of Alphaeus
Thaddaeus Was not about replacing but restoring
Came to rescue and renew the people of God, not to replace them with something new

Jesus wanted to create a 'new people' with the 'old people' Significance For Us Jesus chose his disciples because HE had faith in THEM
Jesus chose those 12 disciples because His message is for everyone Bibliography Gundry, Robert Horton. A Survey of the New Testament. [Grand Rapids]: Zondervan Pub. House, 1970. Print.

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