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Testing it out

Trevor Henderson

on 26 April 2010

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Transcript of Echo360

What we Wanted About Cal Poly Pomona Echo360 Implementation Evaluation Process High-end Studios Faculty Desire for Self
Service Lecture Capture Cal Poly Pomona is a learn by doing institution Polytechnic university Hands on instruction and interaction Cal Poly Pomona is a Learn by Doing instution with a push for Online Learning Cal Poly Pomona has a strong eLearning Department to assist faculty in creating digital content to complement traditional face-to-face instruction as well as facilitate the creation of hybrid or online courses Production Studios Classroom Studios All require operators and high maintenance,
and can only serve a limited number of faculty Faculty want an easy, quick, and hassle free way to create online content
for online/hybrid courses or supplement face-to-face courses Faculty want to teach like they normal teach, but have the result captured with minimal need for addtional training Equipment Rooms Servers Management Echo box Camera

Document Camera Started off meeting some basic requirements
Rooms eLearning had access to Rooms with different geographic locations to accomodate different parts of the campus At least one room that could accomidate higher enrollment courses, 40+ students Only used technology enchanced rooms to make use of existing tools Almost nothing to manage ....... Really Faculty schedules a time to record their class;
they show up at that scheduled time The only thing we do from an administrative side is put their courses in the built-in Echo360 scheduler Links to the recordings automatically show up in the faculty's Blackboard course Students watch and from recorded content Learn Results Prof's Lecture Lecture
Capture System Vendor demos Pilot tests with Faculty Evaluation
Criteria Faculty Training Student Presentations Better Camera, Better Results Echo360 Low Maintainence Scaleability Ease of Use ? What Next?
Campuswide Rollout
Track the Usage
Assessment of Student Learning Outcomes
Active Communication with Faculty
Decision to Scale Up
In-house server
More Control
Links up with Echo360 boxes in rooms
High scaleability
Allows us to utilized existing server infrastructure to keep cost down Current Classroom Studios require operators and have high maintainence costs
Reduce the need for complicated server administration
The more hands-off automation, the better Reduce the need for instructor training
The easier the product is, the higher the adoption rate
Again, the more hands-off the technology is, the mre intuitive it is Provide a way to capture course meetings to assist with the push from face-to-face to hybrid/online courses
Capture the critical aspects of course instruction Video
Writing space (whiteboard) Must have the ability to meeting rising demand
Future goals indicate a large increase in online/hybrid courses
Increased interest in multi-modality with instructional material Integration with Bb9
using Building Block
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