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Elihu Burritt

No description

Jazmine Sustaita

on 10 December 2013

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Transcript of Elihu Burritt

Elihu Burritt
By Jazmine Sustaita

What criticism of American society did the individual have?
Elihu was a man of knowledge and change.
A social reformer, an abolitionist, a pacifist, a linguist and an internationalist.
Violence and wars were disliked by him.
Slavery was to be abolished
World peace was to be spread
What methods did the person use to improve American life?
Elihu used methods such as the anti-war movement and peace movement.
Buritt believed it was vital to have peaceful relationships worldwide and nationwide.
Ways he used to share his perspective was by speeches, special events, and lectures.
What success did the individual have in promoting reform?
The American Peace Society, the League of Universal Brotherhood, and his numerous visits overseas to advocate peace.
Full Name: Elihu Buritt
Born: December 8, 1810
Died: March 6, 1879

He was a:
Social Reformer

Basic Information
Learn new languages
Peace worldwide
What detail's of the person's work made him or her a noteworthy historical figure?
Elihu's father passed away when he was the age of 15. This impact caused him to learn everything on his own, which gave him the name "learned blacksmith".
He was also a very religious man and read bible verses and religious books often.
His peacefulness and love for learning came from all the languages he taught himself.
To what extent was the reformer obsessed with achieving an impractical goal through fanatical or impractical means?
What lasting impact did the person's reforms have on American society?
One of his lasting impact for reform on American society is the Brussels Peace Congress and his popularity of the nineteenth as a peace man. Another lasting impact of his was his numerous books and articles..

Abolition of slavery
Dignity of the American working man
The cause of world peace
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Elihu's obsession to achiveing an impractical goal was most likely his peace movement and League of Universal Brotherhood.
He traveled the world to speak about his peace movement. (Meetings)
Was appointed
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