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Northern Cardinals

No description

michaela dixon

on 4 December 2015

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Transcript of Northern Cardinals

Northern Cardinals
What Adaptations Do Cardinals Have?
Their wings, beak, and feet. All these are adaptations. Their wings are an adaptation because with wings they can fly fast to get food. Their beak is one because they can pick up their food with it or peck at it to pick it up. The feet are on too because they can grab on to something to stand.
Where Do They Live
Cardinals live in almost all of the United States. Here is a map.
What Do They Eat
Cardinals are omnivores so they will eat any plants or insect survive.
Works Cited

Description of Their Habitat
Cardinals like to hide/live in dense shrubby areas such as forest edges, overgrown fields, hedgerows, backyards, marshy thickets, mesquite, regrowing forest, and ornamental landscaping.
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