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Thanksgiving 2012 SVCF

No description

Keri McGhee

on 12 November 2012

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Transcript of Thanksgiving 2012 SVCF

I'm Thankful For... Preschool
Children School
Children Teens & Tweens College Students Celebrities What are you thankful for? "My flowers on the sheets on my bed" – Josie "Buzz Lightyear" – Teddy My mommy – Charlie, Lainey, Harry and Ryan P. Playing outside – Isabella "My new bed" – Ryan G.
(though his mom
says he doesn't
sleep in it) My books – Caleb Barbie sticker book – Chase Flowers – Hannah & Natalie Macaroni and Cheese – Nick Jr. Lightning McQueen – Boy Goldfish crackers, strawberries, and roller coasters – Boy "Baby Einstein!" - Brodie, age 2 "I'm thankful for my parents' ability to discern that one grunt mean yes and another grunt means I've gone #2 in my diaper." -- Dad on behalf of Finnegan, age 2 "The zoo and the monkey bars... and breakfast bars." -- Bennett, age 3 “Disney movies!” – Eddie, 4 “Mwah mwah” (which his mother said means his milk). Andrew, 2 “I’m thankful for my ability to write this sentence.” "I'm thankful that I love everyone in our family and that they love me too." -- Lizzy, age 8 • "I'm thankful for my mommy, my daddy, my sister, my brothers and horses." -- Emily, age 9 • "I'm thankful for everything good -- and bad -- that has ever happened to me. The good makes the bad okay and the bad isn't really bad because there's so much good. So, maybe I'm really just thankful for the good since there isn't really any bad. Ugh, I've confused myself. I'll just say I'm thankful for my sister's rock moves." -- Kenzie, age 9 "I'm thankful for the doctor who fixed my heart." -- Jillian, age 12 "I'm most thankful for my mom and dad... What? Am I missing somebody? Oh yeah, I guess my sister, too." -- Ella, age 8 "I'm thankful for the USA, family and summer." -- Ava, age 9 "I'm thankful for Fridays because I don't have to do any homework." -- Steven, age 10 “I am thankful that I am a princess.” “My backyard because it has a swing.” “I’m thankful for the water!” David • "Halloween candy! and trees!" Charlotte, 6 Facepainting – Natalie, 8 •"The people who made Thanksgiving, ‘cause I get to eat turkey and I love turkey. •"And buildings, because I love buildings." Theo, 6
I am thankful for my bike. Casey, 10 I am thankful for puppies. I am also thankful for music and my family. Brenna, 10 I am thankful four my parints. Cam, 9 I am thankful for football. Dallin, 9 I am thankful for my grandma, and that she makes pie. Taylor, 10 I am thankful for school and universe. Isaiah, 8 I am thankful for my Wii. Caleb, 9 I am thankful for my turtle. Davis, 8 I am thankful for life! Natalie, 6 I am thankful for school. Aiden, 6 I'm thankful for the solar system. William, 7 I'm thankful for my pink coat. Emily, 7 “I am grateful for my parents’ ordeals.” “I’m thankful for the American Soldier.” “I am thankful for life’s rougher moments.” “I’m thankful for my body.” “I’m thankful for my friends.” We are thankful for:
Wrinkled pieces of paper
Our creativity
The good and bad
“I’m thankful to live in a society where I can be intellectually challenged without being judged by superficial traits, such as skin color, and I’m also glad to live in a country where I can practice my religion without fear of being oppressed or looked down upon." Humza, 13 “I was thankful that nobody had passed in my family in the last couple of years because ... my grandfather, my father and my auntie all passed away in a two-month period (in 2007-08). Tanisha, 16 “I really think I’ve been lucky enough to have parents who support me and who have been supportive, and they’re willing to be able to let me do all the things I do.” Nicholas, 17 "And I’m very thankful for us having a house, especially with ... (the down economy) and my dad working two jobs, and how he’s able to have both of them. And heat and food, which some people don’t necessarily have. (I’m also thankful for) our troops and soldiers. They’re risking their lives for us, and they don’t get enough recognition for that.” Emily, 16 “I’m thankful for my home.” “I’m thankful for my heart.” “I am thankful for my toughest critic.” “I’m thankful for my grandmother.” “I’m thankful for life.” We're thankful for:
The seasons
Road trips
Past and present
Our perspective
Community strength
Life lasting experience
Our country
Classrooms with laptop hookups: “It’s worth it even if the dude behind you sees every embarrassing “homemade pimple remedy” pin on your Pinterest.” Ramen Noodles: Who cares if you’re consuming a deer salt block’s worth of sodium--that’s the tastiest 25 cents you’ve ever had. Meters with money already in them: It’s like hitting the coin jackpot in Super Mario. Classes without attendance policies: It’s funny how quickly you can jump out of bed at 8am to check a class attendance policy. Energy drinks: Making mid-terms possible since…well…the invention of energy drinks. The ability to silence a phone: Turn my cell phone OFF…psh, what is this, the 19th century? Rooms on the top floor: Does wonders for those elephants above you who like to partake in a round of bowling each night. Dollar Tree toilet paper: It’s funny how Slim Jims end up taking priority over the necessities. Flash drives: Also known as thumb, jump or zip drives. Whatever. We’re just thankful for them. The ability to e-mail yourself: In the absence of the above mentioned, this habit can quickly become your saving grace. Happy hour: Adult drinks are not equal to adult wallets. Logged-in Facebook accounts: It seems that even college students haven’t outgrown the fad of changing an unsuspecting victim’s status to something about poop. Mini-fridges: Even if they do make weird noises at night. A friend who took the class last semester: Never underestimate the power of an insider’s knowledge. Flasks: Football games just wouldn’t be the same. An e-mail about canceled class: Beats the heck out of a note on the door after dragging yourself out of bed and putting on some sweats (tough life, we know). A friend’s Netflix password: Add in an HDMI cord and you can almost pretend you have cable! A neighbor’s unprotected WiFi connection: It’s all fun and games until one day their newly-protected account name simply changes to “Get your own.” Rentable books: Back in the day, us old folks had to BUY our books. If renting has always been an option for you, consider yourself lucky. Lucky and young. "I am grateful for so many things. I feel like there's a chance of real promise in this country." — singer Faith Hill (in 2008) "I think we want to be, most of all, thankful for the fans. This year, they've been always sticking around for us, always been there for us. The fans are the best. They've come to every concert. They've slept outside [of] venues. And we can't thank them enough." — Joe Jonas of the Jonas Brothers "Health. It's all about health. My health. My loved ones' health. We're all here. We're all OK. As I get older, we're all hanging on! What's going to happen next year? So far, we made it through another one." — musician Barry Manilow "I'm thankful that America actually stood up and did something quite extraordinary [regarding the presidential election]. ... I've been over here for 12 years, and I have a green card and I've been delaying becoming a citizen because I was really troubled by the politics in this country, and sort of befuddled by it." — Australian actor Simon Baker of "The Mentalist" "Mostly it's my family. I think I've realized that mostly this year, because there's been so many crazy ups and downs, and so many different things, and I've always had the same family to come home to that will treat me like the same Miley as I was in Nashville. So, cool." — musician Miley Cyrus "I'm just blessed to have two very lovely children in my life, and health. It's something people don't think about a lot. I'm very lucky to be healthy and have healthy kids." — actress Reese Witherspoon "I'm grateful for all the times I laughed this year. That sounds crazy, but as you get older, you really take a moment and go, 'I laughed there, I had a sweet moment there. I took my kid to In-N-Out.' You know, I've to say, that's it for me pretty much at this point in my life: Just take those moments." — actress Rene Russo "Being alive. After heart surgery you dig that part. Breath, family and friends are just amazing. Just to have a second shot is pretty great!" Robin Williams "I am grateful for each and every food bank that helps families in need.” Marlee Matlin "I would like to thank all those people who randomly smile while walking down the street. It always makes me smile!" Nat Wolff "I'm thankful that we still have an Earth so I'm thanking the Earth. I'll be giving green gifts and cooking eco-friendly." Adrian Grenier These celebs are thankful for other celebrity scandals:
o Lindsay Lohan
o Kim Kardashian
o Charlie Sheen
o Justin Bieber
o Arnold Schwarzenegger
o Jennifer Aniston "I'm thankful for the opportunity to do what I love and love what I do." David Cook
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