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Homeostasis loop for regulation of MAP

No description

Elizabeth Tomlin

on 14 May 2014

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Transcript of Homeostasis loop for regulation of MAP

Have you ever got up
quickly and felt dizzy
for just a second? You
probably felt a momentary
increase in your heart rate
You experienced a condition
called "orthostatic hypotension"
which means that just for a second
you did not have enough blood
reaching your brain due to the
influence of gravity. Your heart
and blood vessels acted quickly
to correct this situation. How did
your heart "know" to speed up?
You stand up
and your blood
pressure drops
Controlled variable
=blood pressure
Sensors that monitor blood pressure are baroreceptors
They detect that blood pressure is low
The integrating center for blood pressure is in the brain
Effectors cause a change in the controlled variable
Heart rate increases and blood pressure returns to normal
A simple homeostasis
loop for
regulation of
blood pressure

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