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Airplane Mechanics

The Aviation mechanics industries is a very complicated set of ideas that i'm gonna tell you about today!

Justin Nichols

on 19 May 2010

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Transcript of Airplane Mechanics

Aviation Mechanics History The history of the Aviation Mechanics industries has been around since 1954. It began with eight students and one full-time instructor. The program was a two-year program designed to prepare students to receive the Airframe and Powerplant Mechanics certificate given by the Civil Aviation Administration. General education courses in mathematics, physics, english composition, and speech communications were also included. Initially most of the student's lab work took place in the maintenance facilities of Purdue Aeronautics Corporation (PAC) working on DC-3 aircraft. Second year students would spend half of every day working on these aircraft during their last two semesters. As the program developed, and staff was added, specialized educational courses and laboratories were added. By the fall of 1960 the PAC "apprenticeships" were reduced to one semester. Also by the fall of 1960 all of the general education courses had been incorporated into the standard university courses. Students graduating in the spring of 1962 received an Associate degree. In 1962 there were approximately 110 students enrolled in AMT with 7 full time faculty teaching the courses.

What kinds of airplanes can you work on? You can go to school to work on a range of airplanes, from single engine planes to multi-engine planes.
(multi-engine) meaning more engines on the plane, bigger planes, 747, Airbus A321-211. (single-engine) meaning one enigine powering a small planes like the Cessna.
Aviation Mechanic - service technicians and aircraft and avionics mechanics must carry out periodic maintence, take care of repairs, and perform inspections mandated by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) in order to keep airplanes operating optimally. Why is this job so unique?
This job is so unique because you get to work in many different enviroments and explore new options about the Aviation Mechanics industries. How many years of schooling does it take?
The average amount of years you have to take of schooling in 2 to 4 years depending on what level of aviation mechanics your wanting to get into.
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