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Young people leading the drugs policies revolutions

Prezi by Aram Barra for the 6th International Conference on Drugs and Young People. Melbourne, Australia. (2.05.2011)

Aram Barra

on 1 May 2011

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Transcript of Young people leading the drugs policies revolutions

By Aram Barra
Youth RISE / Espolea Young people use drugs! Young people lead a drugs
reform revolution? An effective policy must be realistic about drug use and recognize that young people use drugs. Urgent need of
disaggregated data! National Drug Strategy Household Survey (NDSHS) and the Australian Secondary Students Survey of over-the-counter and illicit drugs (ASSS) Impact
assessment Environmental Impact Assessments
Human Rights Impact assessments
Health Impact Assessments
Social Impact Assessments
Equality Impact Assessments 54 CND Sessions - Vienna, Austria March 21-25, 2011 The obligation of States to protect their new generations. Involve young people in policy and programme design, implementation and evalutaion! We can change the world! Murtaza Majeed ('Taz')
kabul, afghanistan Lisa Campbell
Toronto, Canada Hugh Stephens
Melbourne, Australia Board of Directors youth advisory boards task forces youth councils policy committees Staff peer service providers budget reviewers advocates trainers youth peer grant programmes 12 Art, crc What about young drug users
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