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Persuasive Topic

No description

Loren Anderson

on 14 April 2010

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Transcript of Persuasive Topic

Competition can make a student feel inferior to another.

It risks early burnout in a student.

Not all contests are designed well, and they can waste an enormous amount of time for the student.

Importance of Academic Competitions Students explore and find many other things
other than the facts for the tests.

It gives a sense of accomplishment.

Perseverance and patience are strenghthened.

They give students more knowledge than the
general curriculum provides.

Students are usually able to control how much
they are supposed to put into the competition.

Students are able to think deeply about complex

Friendships are acquired, and cooperation
skills are practiced.

Much of life is a competition, and it prepares
a student for life.

Students are able to handle more pressure after
participating in competitions.

It sparks a curiosity in many students.

Anything learned by the student will help them.

I believe that academic competitions
are important to the learning process
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