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Athena G.

No description

Yorba Student

on 22 October 2014

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Transcript of Athena G.

The Sun
The sun
Three Facts About The Sun
Fact one:
Did you know that
that the sun is just one
star of about millions
Fact two:
The sun is 4.5 billion
years old!
Fact three:
The core temperature
is 15 million degrees Celsius

Mercury has NO atmosphere!
Mercury has a very low
surface gravity
There is no water on
the surface but it is
possible that it can
be underground
Into Space:a tour
of space

by- Athena Garcia
Venus is a fascinating planet
that is similar in size to earth
but very different in many ways
Mercury is a small planet
which orbits closer to the
sun than any other planet
Venus has gravity
similar to Earth
Its size is slightly
smaller than our planet
Venus has NO
liquid water
Earth is the only planet
known to man to support
mammal,reptile,and vegetation
Earth is made
up of 79%
This is where I live :-0
Mars, like Earth's poles are covered
ice and the ice is thicker in the winter
In 1996 NASA, while studying the
ALH 84001 meteorite of Martian origin found
in Antarctica in 1984,
announced that fossilized micro-organisms from Mars might be present in it
Valleys and canyons on mars might
suggest that the planet had a large
amounts of water
The Asteroid Belt
Jupiter is the fifth planet out
from our sun and is two and a half
times more massive than all the other
planets is in our solar system combined
It is primarily made of gases and is therefor
known as a "gas giant"
Jupiter is the fourth brightest in our solar system
Jupiter interior is made of
rock,metal, and hydrogen compounds
Saturn is the sixth planet
from the sun and the most distance
that can be see with the naked eye It is best
known for its fabulous ring system that was
discovered in 1610.
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