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How to project manage a portfolio of diverse projects through external partners


Chiara Bolognini

on 17 September 2009

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Transcript of How to project manage a portfolio of diverse projects through external partners

How to project manage a portfolio of diverse projects through external partners Chiara Bolognini Managing multiple projects means to have developed the strategies to adapt single project management methodologies to a multiple project management environment In addition to that to manage a variety of projects means applying a slightly different methodology for each project to boost the chance of success as every project is different in terms of Actually a single master project schedule
gives a better sense of what’s going on On the other hand a master framework for all projects
is strongly recommended A master project calendar with a timeline for each project which identifies
the major project milestones and their dates allows to determine which projects milestones
to concentrate on and how much time is available for each project an integrated project-reporting tool allows to capture and report using one standard allows to make immediate and effective comparison between projects provides an immediate idea of the project status The principle
in project managing multiple projects is: Increasing the multiple projects “throughput” Having optimal results Meeting deadlines Finishing projects
within budget The first
in project managing multiple projects is: the project overload which can have a strong impact on
organizational and on project management processes less than optimal results longer time for
the projects
to be completed budget overrun Consequently the first question is: How to avoid project overload
whilst increasing the project “throughput”
within a multi-project environment? At the base of customised methods
to plan and control multiple projects management
are several best practices key factors Concept and selection Analyse the context and
define objectives´ requirements and constraints
of multiple projects which could be...
the introduction of a new product or service
together with
the redesign of a system Initiation and planning Understand multiple projects´ logical interdependencies
in order to avoid "domino" effect What to Plan First First phase Second phase Define type and amount of external human resources/partners
for project assignments Execution and approval Third phase Techniques such as:
scheduling and tracking progress in order to maintain
a dynamic multi-project schedule
and effective monitoring processes
on multiple projects Report to stakeholder
Manage multiple stakeholder relationships and expectations according to the political role
of a multiple projects manager Identifying, assessing and responding to multi-project risks

Capture all issues and risks into a centralized project database for efficient reporting Test each project thoroughly before delivering Delivery and close out Fourth phase Close each project and plan a maintenance phase Multiple Project Manager and external partners Information on project status
schedules are essential to help the project manager control
the health and status
of the projects ensure
successful project management,
best practices
and delivery and consequently Constant update and categorization of
external partners´ skill database and work schedules
such as: availability
bill rate
and other attributes are of the utmost importance in order to optimize
resource utilization
the management risk HOW? by assigning
the right resources
and skills to
the right projects while avoiding
scheduling conflicts
and resource overload and while leveraging
the existing applications
or products otherwise... In Addition to that the project workforce must be empowered by
maintaining effective and open collaboration and communication
without affecting the project performance In the case of several external partners management
as well as in case of relationships with stakeholders
the political role of the multiple project manager is crucial: diplomacy and communication skills
must be effective
to react properly to conflicts
and to influence people. Multiple project manager skills and best practices Learn to say no to the overload, which can cause failure Prioritize project tasks in terms of importance and delivery date Complete all phases to avoid overlooking essential project aspects. Delegate certain aspects of projects to subordinates and work as a team Contact your external partners on a daily basis and
get visibility on the task detail being performed by them Spend adequate time managing stakeholder expectations
and providing regular reviews of projects progress and changes DO DO NOT Micromanage every single task Manage your time among all your projects Do use a life-cycle checklist for managing multiple projects Do not leave your checklist empty Do prioritise projects to meet your company’s strategic objectives
so that you are aware of target dates Do not postpone project progress checks
and expect results Do not simply select any project you like and
pay attention to that project alone Do not run from project to project,
grabbing at straws Do not leave your dashboard empty Do categorize your work: check the progress
of each project on a daily basis
to reduce complexity Do sequence work tasks: each project must be clearly broken down into manageable tasks,
which must be correctly sequenced Do create a digital dashboard
to effectively capture and report
on all the projects within your portfolio completed projects essential aspects overlooking Manageable tasks Check progress Time management THE END size complexity importance Sequence multiple projects
in order to set priority Resolve multiple project conflicts Domino effect
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