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Nao robot

No description

Kabu Doku

on 16 April 2014

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Transcript of Nao robot

Nao Robot
Kabu Doku and Henry Keyes
Aldebaran Robotics are the makers of the Nao Robot.They released a video to recruit engineers from all over the world.
Human functions
The Nao robot can speak up to 9 languages.He can detect and learn your face in order to recognize you the next time.He can also hear everything you say or do.His cameras can sense his enviroment very well.
He does not have any tasks he is a thriller and an entertainer.
Project Nao started in 2004 and the Nao evolution began.
Work Envelope
End Effector
The Nao Bot thoes not have an end effector his hand cannot be removed in place for a tool.It is there until something happens to it.
Tasks for the future
The Nao Bot's disadvantages are that it cost almost 7000 dollars.He also can't walk that fast because if he does he falls on the floor.
Impact on the world
The impact on the world by the Nao robot is that it gives whoever discovers it entertainment or becomes he/she friend.
Jobs for people
There are no jobs for the Nao bot because it is an entertainer and he likes to hang out with people.
like we said this robot is an entertainer and wants to be your friend that costs $7,000.
The Nao Robot has face recognition,speech,whole body motion,prehensile hands,microphones,adaptative walk,8 pressure sensors,speed,and fistbump capability.
The Nao Bot has no work envelope so he can work all around if it was programmed to do that but he is more of an entertainer than a worker.He can be used any where.
Teaching Tasks
You don't exactly teach a nao robot you put wires all over your body and the robot does everything you do or you just program it.
The first advantage is money of course but there are other advantages like giving someone a new best friend or getting entertainment.
Credits and works cited
Kabu Doku and Henry Keyes
When it was made
The Nao robot likes to play.He also likes to hang out.
Kabu Doku and Henry Keyes
Kabu Doku and Henry Keyes
We got our pictures from Alderan robotics.com
We got our videos from youtube.
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