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The History of Music

No description

Andrew Kinney

on 4 May 2016

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Transcript of The History of Music

The History of Music
Who was the first singer ever?
Neanderthal singing would have sounded nasal. Although they wouldn't have the rythmic knowledege they are still known as the first singers.
Who was the first celebrity singer?
Enrico Caruso was the first celebrity singer.
What was the first instrument?
Some of the first instruments were percussion and flutes. There were rattles and bullhorns also.
When did music start?
It's difficult to say when exactly music started but it is said to have started during prehistoric times.
I researched about the history of music because my father is a Minister of Music in a church. I have been in music, in some capacity, my whole life. So in other words, I live and breathe music! You should care about this topic because music is a universal language. Whether it is from a bird singing to a cricket chirping music is so diverse. I researched many things. Who was the first singer? When did music start? What were the first instruments? I learned the answers to all of these questions and also about the first celebrity singer. Surprisingly the first singer and the first celebrity singer were two different people. I think that everyone should love music because music is everywhere and it can soothe the soul. I am trying to teach others that music has a great history. Music is something that will never be able to be destroyed or taken away.
By: Andrew Kinney
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