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camillo cavarretta

on 27 January 2013

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Transcript of path

In the south many proslavery demand for state
conventions to seperate the south from he North patriotic sentiments, optimistic speeches and cerimonies in both North and South, heating up the situation Battle of Bull run Pirate Island Lincoln and the republican party against the slave states Temperature start rising In 1860 South Carolina succeed creating momentum for othe proslave states Lava at 2000 c Explosion The opener for the war
Won by the Confederates Grand Strategy South starts to strain off the path North can produce great amounts of weapons
North Outnumbers the South militarily
North's naval strength proves to be very affective Albemarle Sound 1862
Roanoke Island 1862
Cape Hatters 1861
Pamlico Sound 1862
Hilton Head 1861
Pulasky 1862 North's naval power leads to the following defeats for the south South has lost its track and war The path for the South Southern Cites and Industries start flourishing in the south. 1865 People start moving in cities developing Urbanization FALL OF ATLANTA Communication improved as more rail roads are build Thirteenth Amendment Fourteenth Amendment Black Codes ROAD OF CHANGE AND EQUALITY Improving track for the Blacks Blacks wanted minimal relations with whites Black were given land to cultivate for themselves Share cropping system 1868 Black woman concentrate more on domestic chores Black had the right to vote Black were now free to work for who they wanted Fifteenth Amendment White Resistance 1866 A detour for the Black's path Black were not allowed to do all they wanted Some owners kept the as slaves by keeping them unaware of the changes Some Whites held on to he black children to force the family to work for them Some whites blocked blacks from obtaining their land In some cases whites physically abused black anyways Industrialization More direct Path 1860-1880 Mill Towns Job opportunities increased Sailing for a brighter future More possibilities of corruption However... Poverty still remained a main problem in the South Big businesses also lead to higher state debts and taxes Many blacks and whites found farming less tenable The downfall of the Southern's path Bibliography Norton, Mary Beth. A people and a ation: A history of the United States: Houghton Mifflin, 2001. Print
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